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I've been signed off sick because the job role was making me ill,there's this job called lunch club where you have to clean up get everything done by one and afte r noon cafe o.was struggling it's been making me I'll and i didn't like these new hours eleven to six but I.just want a new Job fast work was making me so ill that the doctor signed me off but I dint like sitting at home all.the time.

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  • Hi annymonous,

    I'm sorry you've experienced a miserable job that has clearly made you unhappy and unwell. As your doctor has signed you off, you have the time to look around for something more suitable for your condition. You may find it easier to check online and by phone. You could always leave your details with a company that you are interested in, just in case something comes up in the future.

    Best of luck


  • thankyou Chloe I dont think any co workers or anyone really understand but its made me feel so stressful doing this thing called lunch club I feel so ashamed but third time I have been signed off in two years two job related,I'm just so desperate to find another job my grandma says to me dont leave until I find another job but she has no idea how ill I've been.I'm worried I wont be able to find another job because of my mental health

  • Hi annymonous

    There's nothing worse than being in a job when you're suffering. The stigma that used to surround mental health issues are fortunately, slowly eroding but that's going to take some time.

    In an ideal world, yes, we'd all like to have a job to go to before we give notice but when it's making you ill, you have no choice. You can though, make the most of your time to find the right employer who will understand your problems, so take heart, we've had a couple of similar posts this week with great outcomes.

    Good luck and do let us know.


  • thankyou Chloe I've got a dental assistant interview but no idea if I should go because I'm off sick and have no experience in the dental trade

  • Hey annymonous

    Please please go, you have nothing to lose but can only gain. You don't always need experience, many employers are willing to give on the job training. So if you feel this is something you might like to do, then go for it! I'm with you all the way.


  • thankyou I'm not too sure its its something I definitely want to do but think I may enjoy it with training,its beungvseen out when I've been signed off I'm worried about too thankyou

  • Good Luck Annymonous! I too lost my job with a hater who just made me miserable everyday, I felt I did not have a choice to find another job due to my disabilities. But I have to say although I am in the deepest depression ever, I am so much better than working for a hater. Hope you have a wonderful interview!

  • thankyou so much ,am I allowed to attend an interview if I have a sick note?xx

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