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Hello fellow sufferers

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I'm 62yr old female suffering since 1989 from anxiety, panic and depression. I feel hopeless after all these years though, not suicidal because of my fear of death.

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That’s my similar relationship with my anxiety and depression 😂 my depression makes me want to die and my anxiety makes me work myself to death yet, am terrified of any sickness.

Depression is driven by hopelessness and meaninglessness.

Anxiety is driven by perfectionism, insecurities, and a free will philosophy.

I am younger than you. But, such an intimate long-lasting suffering that consumes who you are, limits you, and has defined your life is relatable.

Nice to meet you fellow sufferer 🙋‍♀️ Welcome!

Thank you

As you get older it is important you do activities you enjoy or have positive memories of those you loved and moved on when you were that much older.Try not to look at your early concerns, life is to short, we need to move on, Look for the positive, not the negative of things gone by. You have so much of a need to not only on with oler positive thoughts you need to be able to move on a positive track of positive memories


Im the same, although i dont have depression. Panic attacks and anxiety. I hate it so much. This is my sixth day in a row. My husband took my daughter to work and i had to call my friend to come round as i felt so panicked that i thought i may take an overdose. Its ruining my life completely. 😥

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There's got to be help somehow

MistyDo you have any diversions that can pull yourself aeound, Sometimes we need to take medications to help ourselves get through our fears and concerns. Worrying regards of addiction will just make your worries worse.

If you learn how to make your worries and fears less the by taking medications hopefully you will eventually be able to control our concerns, given that we need to take these so-called risks. Getting older we do not need to take those high levels of medications, this in my case, my Specialists and GP reduced all my doses of drugs, If you have a partner they can help by following your Doctors rules I have now reduced my Opiates and really taken down my AD drugs etc.

Someone reducing medication for you means they reduce the drugs for you and they need not tell you have reductions are going until you get down to the recommended level, it does work


Ive been taken to A and E before, sedated and then sent home for it to return the next morning. I dont know any way round it. I have diazepam but have a fear of getting addicted.

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Imblue11 in reply to MrsMisty

We need a miracle

Consider trying to divert your thoughts to an activity that will interest you and make yourself more positive in your actions. Today we went walking around and Arbouretom looking and the trees and beauty around us we sat for a time overlooking a large pond and watched all the wildlife on the water, it was a wonderful diversion when walking around the trees, it had been over thirty years since we were last there, it brought back happy memories from earlier times of of our relatioship and marriage

I understand we are all different when it comes down to mental health and what we enjoy or help us relax, however even a walk on the beech or in a wood etc can help you look forward or backward to happier times.

Remember life is a miracle and small interests can help. I used to enjoy fishing many years ago when we lived on a river, just sitting quiet relaxing your thoughts can help the negative memories of stressful things


Thank you but I have agoraphobia too. And I'm trying to care for my 92yr old mom who has dementia

I will be going through a course of treatment for Early Stage Dementia, younger than your Mother Dementia is a journey I would prefer not to take.They diagnosed Short Term Memory Disorder four years ago and now they are making sure the condition has remained the same. initial tests have been taken and it seems like the diagnosis given those four years ago is a preferred diagnosis

The condition you describe Agoraphobia can be treated, it can take some time depending on the cause. Have you a therapist to help. Looking after your Mother will sometimes make a person insular, it is however important to talk out your condition and move you on outside increasing distance over time. Do you know the cause ?.


I believe that I'm doomed and I can't find a way to change this. It's an understanding that came to me and I haven't been the same since. I know I need a Miracle but I don't know how to get one

Have you considered planning walks outside. Initially start with short time walks for example to the front door, when sorted there extend your distance to a front door etc for example then just outside of the door, then closing it behind you locking it , opening it turning back the key etc, move on into your garden them to your front or real gate, spending time just standing listening to the envirinment around you.You then enter the environment of traffic and over time extend your distances etc'


Thank you for your concern. I do the best that I can

With Dementia generally it is helpful to show photographs of past events that your Mother would have attended, it is surprising past memories are remembered very well. You can also try music that can also help. If you know her likes and dislikes that does help in so many ways as long term memories are still in there, I think you will be surprised on how the past will come back to her.

I tried with both techniques, and it was also confirmed by several Nursing homes, that is why they have sing songs and look through picture books.


Thank you

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Eian59 in reply to Imblue11

HiMiracles do happen, are you a religious person ? Try and pray for help if you haven’t already, I know it’s hard and some people laugh about it but just remember you are not alone. Also tell everything to your doctor, you need company for your own well-being so think of someone who understands what you are going through and talk to them. Getting it out helps and doctors can help.

God bless you and I hope you get your miracle.

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Imblue11 in reply to Eian59

Thank you please pray for me

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