Thinking of you all fellow sufferers

Thinking of everyone and hope you are all keeping a lid on things. One day at a time is the way I go. If I think too far ahead I get very flustered and it does me no good. I do get bad days in fact some horrendous ones. Just now I am feeling strong and while I do I am planning some constructive things for the issues I have to sort out. How do you all get through ?

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  • Lovely positive post Satsmuma :)

    I try and keep as busy as possible, exercise, keeping stress as low as possible and relaxing when I can :)

    Gemma x

  • Yes I guess it is important to keep busy as doing nothing is detrimental in many ways which I have foynd . Thank you Gemma x

  • I do the same by trying to keep busy. I don't allow myself much time to feel sorry for myself. I do allow a bit of self pity but I put a time limit on it.

    I also distract myself ie by reading, on my lappy, or whatever. Oh and I think this is important too - I don't talk about how I'm feeling much as I have found too much concentrating on how bad you feel makes you feel worse. x

  • Sometimes though it overtakes your thoughts and consumes you into a downward spiral

  • Honestly, the only way I get through is by thinking of my future non-depressed self. Simply because I've had so many depressive episodes by this point but none have been forever. So I don't think this will be either. I just have to wade through it, for however long it takes, til I'm not depressed again, and oh, my God, I can't wait. Haha. And I know my actions will affect that future self, so even if I don't care about stuff I usually do, like goals or socializing, what I do now will matter to me in the future when I'm not depressed, even though right now it's just going through the motions.

    About a month ago I didn't feel like this though. I felt the way too flustered, as you said, by thinking too far ahead. It was like any kind of to-do list was waaaay too much for my stress-inducing brain fog. One thing at a time was enough. Started exercising every day, then added meditating, then something social, and even though I'm still quite numb, I feel a bit more capable since I've actually been keeping up the routine. Glad you're feeling strong at the moment. :-)

  • I find thinking about the future scarey, I fear the unknown which is daunting if my past is anything to go by i don't hold out much hope

  • I hear you. I've been in that mental place as well and it's really tough. I really want to quit ruminating on what disappoints me about the past and just move forward. And sometimes moving forward means just coming into the present moment and focusing on that while not thinking about the future either. I'd like to try Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for that reason, since I've heard it can be helpful for those with depression.

  • haha and no that is not a website or at least I don't think so haha I just made it up

  • The best preparation for tomorrow is by doing your best today.

  • Thankyou , yes I do try

  • Good to hear that you have found a way of coping. I try to keep my mind occupied with as many mundane tasks as I can manage, getting excercise regularly and having a healthy diet (consists of me having a lot of vitamin tablets). I still have my lows but have noticed that they tend to be mainly when I over think what other people say or interpret their body language. I still feel that I have not much control over my thoughts and tend to let them take over, being negative seems so much easier than being positive sometimes. But I have found that if I hang around with the right kind of people then I am so much happier.

    Keep up the good fight, fellow sufferer x

  • Being with the right people certainly helps

  • Yes sometimes we can get stuck in a rut or attend day centres with fellow suffers which is not always a bad thing but can get you down if everyone has difficulties and often severe. I try and stick with unproblematic people, avoid drama queens etc who can drain me. X

  • Yes I hear you .. All of you .. Thank you everyone

  • The problem with "keeping busy" is that depression has drained me of any energy I did have. You can't be busy if you're exhausted. You can't eat properly which drains away more energy. When I'm at my worst, I can't even take a shower. What do you do then?

  • Sometimes it very hard to even pick up a teaspoon

  • Oh my god, I've been there! Hurts my heart to think you're feeling like that. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you

  • I plough thru lost and alone and on the verge of suicide each time. I dislike what it makes me do and think etc. It exhumes me

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