Hi, I'm one of the Ambassadors here and am just posting to say hello and remind people about the rules of the site.

As this is a peer support site with users supporting each other informally it's important that the site is welcoming to all.

Due to the informality i.e. No one here is a paid expert it's a site for over 16's only. If anyone under age posts then the post should be reported to Admin for them to deal with by blocking the user and referring them to age appropriate sites. Dealing with vulnerable children takes specialist knowledge and as such the best help is not necessarily here, but at sites where they can speak to professionals.

You will also note some recent posts from MAS Nurse about post removals. Again, if someone is posting clearly abusive, offensive posts then that's not tolerated. There is a zero tolerance approach to this and it includes swearing. Whilst it's hard not to express your anger in swearing, we ask you not to do it as other members may find it upsetting. This allows everyone to enjoy the site without fear.

Equally, posts describing abuse in detail should have a heading of potential trigger so that readers can avoid anything too traumatic for them. Whilst it's ok to refer to past experiences it's important that if details given that they are forewarned. Bear in mind that you don't know the audience and some readers have endured hellish abuse so they can react to a post badly if overtly descriptive.

Another point, if someone is appearing to require emergency treatment such as a clear account of suicidal plan, that post should be reported and the poster advised to seek help from professional sources such as samaritans and nhs 24. We have information in the pinned posts of agencies worldwide that can help. Again, the reasoning is about getting the right help professionally when in ultimate crisis.

Read the pinned posts regularly to look at resources for help and the guidelines of the site and community.

The site really helps and the rules are there for smooth running only.

Keep posting, keep replying and use private messaging too!

You aren't alone, there is support and recovery is possible.

Take care.


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  • Sorry if that's how it has come across - that's not my intention. What specifically has upset you and I can sort that?

  • Ok, I don't think that's what I've said. For abuse history I've said put a header to forearm as triggering and don't go into specific details. So, if you have been raped in the past it's ok to talk about that but if you don't need to describe every aspect of it unless relevant.

    A lot of people on the site will have experienced abuse and for some just seeing written descriptions of the exact mechanism of the abuse will be traumatizing.

    I don't think I've said it's a ban on discussion. I'm really sorry if that's how you feel. Take a look at my posts and you will see I'm really reasonable etc.

    If you want to be angry at the post that's fine. Sometimes just having rules can upset people as it can be a trigger itself.

    I'm not a person who loves rules etc but they are necessary for the site to run well and reach out to everyone.

  • As Ambassadors Diane and I try to keep the site running as smoothly as possible and keep it a welcome, safe place to talk and vent for everyone. Unfortunately there has to be some rules and terms and conditions to ensure this is the case.

    These rules comes from two sources. Firstly Health Unlocked. This is their platform and in order to remain on it we have to follow their terms and conditions. If we don't then the site could be asked to leave HU. I am sure none of us want this.

    The second source is Shawheath itself. Again understanding and following their terms and conditions is important if you wish to remain on the site and to keep it a welcoming safe place for us all. It is part of the conditions of signing up here that we read and obey the terms of use.

    No one wants anyone here to be restricted or even banned so I will reiterate it is essential that everyone familarises themselves with the conditions which you find in the Pinned Posts.

    One last thing - neither Diane or I are paid in any way and we volunteered for our roles because we care about the site and want it to be run in the best possible way. Please help us to ensure it is.

    Thank you. Lil xx

  • An ambassador is just a poster who volunteers to help out by welcoming people to the site, explaining rules, makes sure everyone is replied to and looks over posts when Admin not here - after 5 and weekends. Anyone can do it. Just contact Admin. The more the better!

  • If you look at posts from me and lilaclil you will see we have shared our own issues as well as helping others. It's not tea and sugar. It's blood sweat and tears. Mental health is vital, mental illness doesn't get the support it needs that's why I use this site. It's a life saver to me and others.

    I understand you are annoyed at the post. You are angry. If there is a better way to express the usual site rules then I will do that.

    Do not let this post stop you using the site. If you want private message me and there is no swear filter on that! I'm happy to hear from you directly if you need to speak your mind. X

  • It's ok to post about suicidal thinking - I've been there - I've replied to others and discussed it. That's not an issue. But if someone is clearly going to do it, then professional help must be sought - that's all. We don't want people to suppress thoughts because that's the root of depression

  • Life is really tough for you

  • Yes CBT is hard and can take years of practice- I feel like counseling was too hard at the time you went - maybe now it would work better. Sometimes we need to be at right place at right time as well. It's just how we are, things do need time to process

  • You need healing

  • I've felt like that too. However, it doesn't matter how old you are, when you recover as you will live life again and age doesn't mean it can't be fun, exciting, new etc. I want you to get yourself ready for life again. It will happen.

  • Only when you have exhausted all possible options. There is more things to try before that point. X

  • findingdory your responses are quite antagonistic.

  • No thankfully I don't know you, and neither do I wish to. However it's my perrogative to pass comment on your rather obnoxious personality. Have a nice day :)

  • I just did. Judged and found guilty. Of disturbing my morning with your silly messages.

  • Lucy best to ignore. This is a troll who keeps rejoining under different alias's. I and quite a few have already reported it. Just ignore it. x

  • Stop fighting on here please, if you want to fight do it in private!

  • Or maybe you should all grow up and stop ruining the forum for everybody else.

    Stop fighting please.

  • Grow up!

  • Stop fighting all of yours this site for helping people in need not listen to this we should be able to help each by being helpful more understanding mental health is hard enough deal with instead all this fighting

  • This is a troll who is banned and rejoins under different alias's. I have reported it to the admin and it is in the process of being dealt with.

    Thank you for your patience everyone. The board will soon return to normal. Lil x

  • Hi not sure what troll means, and which one is it, so I no not to reply thanks x

  • A troll is someone who joins social media for the express purpose of abusing others and causing havoc and upset.

    I know it's difficult but it's always best not to respond coz this is feeding them. They are looking for a reaction and if ignored get bored and stop eventually.

  • So how will I know?

  • They will be abusing others by name calling and swearing etc. Also see who's replies have gone from here!

  • I get it and thankyou xx

  • :) x

  • Is this a post to everyone in general of have I posted something wrong?

  • Just general post

  • Admin 9-5 - I've not been well myself last few days so I've. It been on site as an ambassador- what posts were worrying you? You can report posts yourself?

  • Admin won't contact you - and it's up to the poster to reply.