hello everybody

I am glad to be here again. Guys I am sure about one thing: depression is actually an energy which needs to be released. I am sure that depression is energy of creativity. each of us must find a way individually that is an outlet. it is true that medical doctors say that depression is a serious disease, but, you see, only the symptoms are indication of a disease and the cause is unreleased energy of creativity.


please, ask me whatever you want as I believe i can and I will help you, just ask me something, anything!



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24 Replies

  • Hello George, great way to look at it,, as i believe those who suffer have a well of creativity bursting to get out, and depression limits our capabilities. I have been on here only a few weeks and realise this is the case with a lot on here, so frustrating when you realise how much we could do, but unable to make it happen when the black dog bites.

  • Einstein was depressive as well and he was brilliant scientist. many writers were depressive as well and they were brilliant, likewise. if you suffer and you have a lots of creativity that cannot wait to burst, all that you need is to embed that energy in a certain canal(you should try to figure out what that canal should look like) and to let it flow.

    I my case I connected science(especially quantum physics), spiritualism and philosophy into a path that led me out of depression.

    i lost my father 20 years ago and I was terrified. Why? Was I afraid that I might remain alone and lonely in this world? Yes, probably I was. At the same time I did not have a girlfriend of a wife to stick to me, to give me a comfort, to share my sorrow. I felt down in dumps! We all need someone to lean on, someone of our kind, but unfortunately, in this civilized world we become more and more lonely! Do you want to know why? Do you want to know why we incline towards taking care of a lapdog or even many lapdogs and when some of them dies we cry like mad? Are you aware that we have lost our inborn sense that living together with someone means inclination to give and not to take? Do you know that statistics show that people are least depressed(implication happy) around Christmas when they offer presents to their beloved? Have you ever listened to "give it away" Red Hot Chilli peppers ? Do you know that we have replaced sympathy with empathy?

    guys, thanks for reading this stuff

  • Hi George I'm not sure I quite get you!!! Do you suffer from Depression yourself?

    As you sure have a strange cryptic way of talking about it. I could be totally

    Wrong but why do I get the feeling that you are trying to sell me something , maybe

    A book, or some herbs. I just cannot relate to you, sorry.


  • Hi, Hannah. You ask why you get that feeling re George. I can make a guess as to why--if you don't mind. I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings but the approach George puts forward by way of help is unconventional. It is one I find refreshing though. He is saying that we should meditate regularly, get in touch with our higher selves and find peace of mind in that way. If you do not believe in a higher self, in a higher consciousness which connects us all

    together , then you will not relate to what George is saying. xx.

  • Hi photogeek. I do not suffer from depression. On the contrary, I feel so nice, so invigorated. Anyway, yes, I am trying to sell something to you all. I am trying to sell my experience how to make you all get out of that nasty disorder(illness).

  • Hi Darkshadow and thanks , yes I understand what you are saying, I do Meditate and

    i feel it helps me, it's just that I find it strange the way he put it, he never mentioned

    meditation did he ? i understand totally what you are saying., but I found his Post

    Vague to say the least. I know we all have creative energy but I'm not sure I understand

    What he is really trying to say, maybe there will be another Post tomorrow.

    Thanks anyway for your Post, I guess I am quite scientific and hate vague statements.


  • Yes I have a question George. How come creative people ie artists or writers etc. get depression then? They are letting their creativity out after all.

    I feel the same as Hannah - I wonder why you are here if you don't suffer from depression, and I have never been a believer in pure altruism.

  • Hi Cough that's a very good point, because Sue for instance is very

    Creative and paints, yet she gets Depressed, and Van Gogh got so

    Depressed he cut his ear off. So what's that all about, so the Post about creative energy being the problem seems strange to me.

    Depression is more complicated than that and I don't get his Post

    Full stop.

    Hannah xx

  • Hello All

    I cannot paint for toffee, when I was at school I could not imagine or transcribe what I see in my minds eye.

    I would love to have a hobby where I could produce some item that is planted into the eye and my lazy brain


  • Bob

    I was - and still am - much the same - but despite that I adore colour and just play with it on canvas, I can't draw, many people who go to life drawing for the first time do such a good job of it that I feel despair - but I have fine art degree despite that! Why not just get some materials, whichever appeal the most, and play - it is so relaxing and absorbing, I forget pain and anything else and just enjoy - with Classic fm in the background.

    Sue xx

  • I might just do that Sue.

    Most of the time over the last four days has been meetings and e mails to.

    It gets to a point where hobbies have to take a backward step.

    Life is one step forward, two steps back

    All the best


  • True, but at this stage of life Bob we can choose what we do, nobody else decides for us :)

    Hope you are keeping well and managing between you to keep on top of the garden - I am ignoring ours, a gardener said he wanted to do our garden (again) and would come for one day in September and the rest in November as he is busy between times designing gardens in Europe (!). He didn't come in September so I phoned him but still no response... Grrrr. No doubt he will come once he's back but the plum tree will have to wait until next year now as will the hedge...


  • Hello Sue

    We got back from Holiday and we have both come down with a cold, our sides are sore with coughing. We seem to be a lot better now and hope to have time at the caravan for a few days

    The garden is a real pain at this time of year. I really need to get everything dead headed and pruned ready for the winter.

    Generally I do the plum tree as they just begin to flower, understand the plum should not be looked at at this time of year as mold can infest the cuts. Just started doing that about two years and it seems to help setting fruit. So it may be good just trying to leave it and see how you get on.


  • Oh no Bob, sorry to hear you both have colds. I keep getting sore glands and feeling tired and sweaty, but seem to be fighting it off so far :)

    Yes, same with our garden, loads of cutting back to do but it's not getting done, never mind painting is more important - I said to Danny tonight that if I died I would rather leave behind another painting than a clean house or maintained garden!

    Yes, we will definitely leave the plum tree now as it's too late - some books say immediately fruiting has finished but that was now long ago. Oh well, next year will come soon enough.

    Take care of yourselves


  • Sue did you get a good crop this year ?

    We were suprised how many Victoria we go and Hazel has just stewed up the remaining and put them in the freezer. So we will be getting plum crumble until well into 2016.

    We are still awaiting most of the apples as the trees that have produced are late varietys.

    Also we planted new rasps last year and we are getting two crops, one early the other late on last years wood and second crop on this years wood, most strange. It is the same with the Autumn Bliss they are producing the same, they are also new canes. The way they are fruiting I am not sure how to prune them all. I have grown rasps now for over thirty years and never seen such strange fruiting, mind i am not complaining the more fruit the better. We get fruit now on the canes now from May to the first frost.


  • That all sounds wonderful Bob! We don't have that sort of amount. Our yellow plum tree (bought as a Victoria!) does produce a lot of fruit but we never manage to pick a lot of them before they are overripe - it seems one day they are not ripe enough, then it rains and then it is warm and damp which encourages mould, we have to sneak in to pick them at just the right moment! One year we lost the whole enormous crop, but another year had so many we didn't know what to do with them all - my mum would have bottled them for puds for the year but I'm not into bottling so we gave lots away. This year we had quite a few but they went off really quickly as we left it a couple of days too late for picking.

    Our raspberries are long established and we get a good crop which Danny always freezes until he has enough to make a huge quantity of jam which he has every day. We get lots of blackcurrants for jam as well. I think you need to prune your twice fruiting raspberries after picking the second crop. Ours used to do that, the only problem is that it may put too great a demand on the plants over time so to prevent that you could prune after first fruiting but may find they grow new shoots anyway, then what...

    I find now that I don't have the emotional energy to invest in the garden. Since Danny became increasingly poorly I hardly go into the garden at all even to do the basics as it feels like a burden rather than a pleasure - but to be honest although I loved making our garden and seeing it establish I am not really a gardener as I'm quite an indoor person - due more to my experiences leaving me withdrawn than innate personality :( but also I got completely demoralised when we couldn't sell the house and withdrew from investing anything in it or the garden - nobody seems to want a garden now anyway... I feel really depressed about it all but keep myself away from those feelings by ignoring it all, which is at least better than feeling overwhelmed all the time. Now I am just letting the days pass, doing whatever I do or don't do and not thinking about whether it's what I would ideally want to be doing - that seems to enable me to be happier more of the time.

    Have a good weekend. I am planning to start a large painting sometime soon and am sorting through source material.


  • Welcome to our site

    Generally I do not follow the reason you are here, is your depression still around or are you trying to sell an idea LOL

    We have some very nice members here who get a great deal of support when they feel they need it and that is what these pages are generally for. I notice that you have written two threads lately. When did you last visit this site last ? it is always nice to be able to help when an older member returns on site. It helps members find information and help you explain your condition ?

    My condition is Reactive Depression, caused by a chronic disability, what has caused your feelings of depression ? We are all friends here


  • I would say that my depression is linked to frustration at not feeling free to express myself. My energy is low because I internalise it or it turns into an anxiety attack. Therefore, to keep myself protected, I squash my feelings and energy down deep and keep it there with all my mental strength, leaving nothing over for doing normal things.

    In the past, when there was no reason to have to not do things I wanted to, when no-one was watching me and criticising me, my energy was massive. I could get up early and work all day, then come home and garden until dark. I then slept well and woke up happy.

    Being a perfectionist I am always trying to get to the point where I can experience this freedom whilst being in the same situation I currently am. However I think maybe this is a fight not worth fighting and probably not winnable, so I may well give it up in the near future and walk away.

  • Hello there. Why do you not feel you can express yourself and in what way would you do it if you could? Do you mean talking things out, painting or----?

  • If you mean me, what I mean is that when I am around my family I feel trapped. They comment on my every move. I do not have the emotional resilience (having just come out of a divorce and forced house sale and yet to find my next move) to argue with them. I don't trust my family, but I do not trust myself at the moment either, so am stuck with no idea of which way to turn next. The CHI is just not flowing.

  • Sad to say I cannot understand the problem you are trying to explain.

    Yes I can understand the loss of wife through divorce and the possible selling of your family home.

    Also I may be able to understand the friction you are living through with your Children. I would understand or feel you would have lost family at the time of the separation as this can be a testing time for all concerned.

    You explain above that you now do not trust family members, was this brought about by the friction of you and family loss

    Forgive if I am wrong this form of separation takes a grat deal of time to recover from

    Not knowing where you are, we do not know the situation and dynamics that existed in your household. i am at a loss


  • Hi Bob,

    Basically I chose a husband who reminded me of my family, who used me and cheated on me, then made the mistake of coming back to help my family, forgetting that they were the original abusers. I now feel stupid and am having difficulty overcoming the feelings enough to break away and start again. I keep hoping things will improve although deep down I know nothing will change unless I make it happen. Your experience may have some parallels with mine, and you made the choice to leave your family. I respect that and may yet end up doing the same. But it is tough when my Mum is ill and I have my daughter, and animals to think of. I don't know whether it is better to leave regardless of the consequences if I am setting a bad example by staying, or stay and try to make things work so as not to further disrupt my daughters life and to be here for my Mum. The other fear I have is that maybe my father is right and I am a failure, and I am using all these problems as an excuse so as not to have to go and find out.

  • Hi FM you are not stupid nor are you a failure so get those ideas out of your head this instant! It's easy to be lulled into a false sense of security with family and we have all fallen for it again and again.

    Why would your father call you a failure? That's an awful thing to say to you and totally undeserved. What criteria was he using for goodness sake?

    Personally I don't think your family will change, but you might. If you cannot deal with them at the moment and it is making your depression worse then you must take action. Ok your mother is ill but you can still visit if you want to can't you?

    You don't need to explain or prove yourself to anyone love and never forget that. You do whatever makes you and your daughter happiest and forget toxic people whether family or not. Ok do your duty if you have to but that's it. Bev x

  • I agree absolutely with what you have written Bev, if people put us down then they are not good for us and we have to learn to find a way not to take in what they say and think.

    FM you have a right to be who you are without constant questioning and criticism. When you have been put down such a lot it must be hard to feel confidence in your own ability to make decisions particularly as your trust was abused by your husband as well. Try to feel what you think is the best thing for yourself and your daughter and ignore what other people think. Clearly your current circumstances are not good for you and if they are making you so unhappy they will not be good for your daughter either. Set her an example and try to choose to be in situations and with people who are good for you. As for your mother, you can still see her but why sacrifice your life for hers when she fails to support you against your father's abusive criticism. You can care about her without that.

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