I have very recently joined HealthUnclocked, having seen a link on the NHS anxiety and depression website. Many years ago, I suffered from what I now believe to be Generalised anxiety disorder. This lasted for a long time and I never really sought any help for it. I also developed social anxiety and agoraphobia symptoms. I've been free from this condition for many years but, a few weeks ago, it seemed to return out of the blue. I have no real idea why I suddenly feel the way I do and, despite having been through something similar, feel ill equipped to deal with it. I suppose I'm looking for reassurance and advice, but would also like to help others in any way I can

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  • Hello there! Welcome to this forum. What is agoraphobia?

  • The fear of open spaces. At it's worse sufferers can't leave their homes at all. One of my sisters suffers from it and can just about make it across the road to a general store but no further. Even then she can't always manage that. It can also lead to claustrophobia and xenophobia (fear of strangers) unless treated. x

  • Oh ok.

  • Thank you so much for the welcome.

  • Youre welcome :)

  • Hi do you know what triggered it off again? I think you need to seek medical help to stop it in it's tracks and to stop it recurring in the future. I think counselling could help you get to the bottom of it.

    There are also a couple of sites on here for anxiety, so you might get other help there. x

  • Hi, and thank you for the response. I think it was a combination of things over a period of time. I've had a medical condition which, to most people, would be nothing. I managed to turn it into a full blown crisis. I've also been stressed over having no time to myself as I've been dashing all over the place to try and get things done. (Or, that's how it seemed to me). Family have commented that I've been irritable for a while and, looking back, they are right. I've tried a few things over the last few weeks - No alcohol, more exercise, guided meditation (this helps short term), and I've recently started taking 5-htm which, up until a few days ago, I'd never even heard of. I absolutely agree that I probably need to seek medical help this time.

    Once again, thank you for the response and the info. It really is very much appreciated.

  • I think maybe you should report this to your doctor

  • Welcome to the community by the way

  • Thank you so much.

  • Thank you for the reply. Yes, I absolutely agree that I should probably seek medical help this time. I think my first job tomorrow is a phone call to my gp.

    Once again, many thanks.

  • It is a pleasure. You are very welcome .. Like the name by the way .. I presume you too are a fan :)

  • I am indeed :)

    Love your name, too . .and thank you :)

  • Hello and welcome! Nothing more to add since you've already been given the advice I would've given you as well.

    Best wishes x

  • Thank you so much

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