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I’m struggling to cope

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Hi I’m 20 years old and I have been very unwell with depression and anxiety for a few months now and i have had it all my life but so suddenly its gotten worse and the voices are getting stronger. I don’t know whats wrong with me, they are taking over my life. I am so emotional, one minute im okay and the next i am wanting to hurt myself. My head makes me overthink everything and make me say and think things i don’t want to. I can’t do or eat certain things or something bad will happen. I feel as i am being tested on and i am the only one alive and that everyone around me isn’t actually real. Does anyone else feel the same?

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I feel those around are very real sad to say and it is strange to say would life be better if Life Was A Dream, it all amounts to the what context you wish to be in.

Have you talked to your Doctor regards your Mental Health it would be good to be diagnosed and be introduced to a pathway, treatment that would help you. I sometimes feel personally I overreact when I am stressed or fearful understanding that does help me use techniques that will help.

For example I thought our Dog Pax was becoming ill several days ago and I overreacted, we took him to the Vet and He came out with a clear bill of health. I had pushed my wife and I was in the wrong, yes He is ten years old and I had subjected Him to a string of blood tests that were all ok. The Vet had come out to the car to tell me as my Wife was the only one into the Surgery.

He has fatty lumps and they can be concerning and He could loose weight so now I have a guilty concience, I had overreacted and caused discomfort to both wife and dog.

What I am trying to say is try and keeps your moods and overreactions stable. Think befor you worry yourself and possibly make yourself ill. Always look for the positive in Life remembering if we look for problems, they will find us and make us worse and that causes an overreaction and then we become sad and uptight,


That exactly what I do Bob it’s very natural to be protective over our dogs, they are our lives and family, funnily enough we had a collie cross when I was a kid and my mam named her pax which means peace in Latin, my dog Charlie had fatty lumps too and was slightly over weight but that was more down to not been able to walk as long as he used to because of the osteoarthritis in his back legs and hind quarters but you can’t push them to walk as it’s detrimental th them, so please don’t beat yourself up about it, I do the same, it just goes to show how much your fog means to you and others as some people don’t feel the same way about their animals, chin up and onwards and upwards 😉

Thank you Josie

Pax is fast asleep at the moment, We are waiting for the weather to clear. I agree our dogs are so important to us, He is a Collie Cross and one problem we have He picks up on everything we do or say, and if we make an error or get upset He can really get upset. Trying now to get myself forgiven, We go to the Beach. We were there yesterday and someone had collapsed and both the ambulance and coast guard were trying to get the person of the beach. I go in on Wednesday for my eye problem, I looked up the wrong problem and I had really made myself ill, until my wife pointed out my misspelling. So with everything I followed a pathway that I advise others not to take


Jirachi, what you are feeling is just normal, you just need to hang-on and think that it will be better soon, instead of staying bu yourself, force yourself to go out and feel a little sunlight, it will boost your mood...I had that before, all of what you are experiencing now, I thought I am gonna go crazy, but I trusted my doctor and meds, gave them time time to take effect. Be strong everything will be okay soon...you are not alone

Common in sensitive people as a lifelong coach and old professor. People become hyper aware of themselves and scary

Having people to talk to or counselor can be reassuring Name one young person who is not scared to death not to be insensitive common as test anxiety

Tube has soothing forest sounds that relax me but that just me

Do you have dental amalgam or are you eating seafood? Maybe it's heavy metals

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