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Newbie - struggling to cope

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Hi, I'm new to the website and I'm reaching out to all those who feel the same as I do at the moment...…. 99% of the day I can't eat, my stomach is in knots. I don't want to wake up some days and the length of the day feels endless, so I try to fill it as best I can, because not to fill it would mean I had time to think and that is just too painful. I take tablets to get me to sleep and to stop my mind from reliving all the stresses and traumas of recent life. I can't hold incidental conversations with people any more, my mind wanders back to my anxieties. I used to be the 'strong one' - solving everyone else's problems, always the one the family turned to help and support. Now that I need support those around me are incredulous at the idea that I'm sick with anxiety and depression and are quick to blame me for being unable to cope. I have stopped talking to them and pretend to be ok. I am not ok, I am in bits. I am very sensible but life has dealt me some cruel and unfair blows recently and I have been unable to just bounce back. I'm trying to remove myself from a very difficult situation, but the depression and anxiety are like a physical disability, so small steps seem like large ones. When I go out in the car I take the dog - if I take the dog I have a responsibility, I have to come home. Dark thoughts, dark places. I will make an appointment with my GP tomorrow in the hope I can find an escape from my dark place. If anyone can relate to this and can assist with advice on how to find a route out of the darkness I would be very grateful.

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Your plan action should include taking meds, a good diet, an exercise routine, surrounding yourself with supportive people and doing at least 1 thing a day that makes you happy.

It will be slow but there should be a light at the end of the tunnel soon.

Welcome to our very supportive community Beachcomber1. Hopefully you will find other members on here that are only too willing to share their experiences and suggestions with you. Rick1on1 gives some very good advice.

You are obviously going through a very difficult time right now. I would urge you to book that appointment you talked about with your GP to talk about your situation with a health professional.

As you are in the UK you may find the following support helplines useful:

Samaritans: 116123 (24 hour helpline)

Mind: 0300 123 3393 (Mon-Fri 9am-6pmexcept bank holidays) or

It also might help you to read some of the pinned and topic posts on this community.

We would like to talk to you a little more, maybe you can tell us about what kind of dog you have? Are there any other members that would like to respond and chat about their experiences and provide helpful suggestions for Beachcomber1?

We hope that you some helpful advice and support soon and find this supportive community beneficial for your recovery.

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Welcome new friend.. glad ur here with us.

Hi and welcome so sorry you are going through this and how painful it can be. I have found some very kind and supportive people on this and their kindness is really good. I can relate to some of the things you have said and it is very difficult when you have always been the strong one and been there for others. GP is a good idea and small steps. I am happy to talk again and are you in the UK.

Keep talking to the people on the site as they have so much to offer and support.

Hey! I feel exactly the same. The days drag and I hate thinking I’ve got to do it all again tomorrow. I posted just a few days ago on here and the response I have had is incredible. I am obsessed with this app and it’s really helped me see all the supportive people that are out there and there are others like you and I going through this. & much worse. 😞

I know it’s hard but we have to carry on. Dark thoughts consume me & get me down. But today is a GOOD DAY & they DO happen. And when they do it’s amazing. They’re WORTH LIVING FOR. They’re worth everything.

I am going to go to the GP tomorrow & see what they can do for me. So I’m anxious to hear how your trip goes! 🥰

It’s good to talk. Talking and listening often helps ease your mind. I always feel like a gallon of water has been squeezed out of me after I’ve got all my anger out. Also...screaming (in private) is greattttttt. Find somewhere to scream and let your emotions out- however that may be. Don’t hurt YOURSELF. Or others of course. But just go and let it all out. Tomorrow is a new day (cliché I knowww!) but it is. It might be bad but it might be good. And that’s worth waking up for.

You’re so much more important than we can fathom. All of us are. There are so many things, places and people in the world to see and meet. There is peace & happiness out there for you. You’ll get it! 💕 x

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