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Had enough

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Having a horrendous day mental health is just so bad I have had a sore head and sore neck for couple of weeks I have now started Googling brain tumours been doing it all day got myself so wound up

I have medical anxiety and I try to avoid doctor at all cost but I phoned for a over the phone consultation I have been waiting since 9 o’clock this morning on the call I have got myself in a right straight 😢

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HelloGetting onto Google or the internet to look up health concerns, caused by an Anxiety is a real problem you need to to avoid, the same can in some causes be a problem if you have a Doctors Health Dictionary

What you need to consider is many of imagined health problems can make us feel worse and cause our Mental Health to High Doe.

Yes by all means talk to your Doctor and discuss how you feel, however at this time a direct appointment can be really difficult to make and many people suffering Depression and Anxiety gag up on the phone as they try and discuss what is going on. What I would advise is you write down a list of your concerns to refer to as you talk to your Doctor. Explain the fears you have and also give the reasons why you feel that way

It is strange in a way I have been bleeding from Psoriasis and also if I get a bleeding spot, this has been going on now for about five months and it just runs down my arms and legs. I arranged a telephone appointment two weeks ago and today I actually talked to my GP an appointment was made for tomorrow although there was a tussle to get that earlier agreed appointment.

Things are not right at the moment in both Surgery or hospital and everything seems to take time even various medications are very difficult to get.

Be patient at this time, try and keep calm and be understanding on the situation we are all finding ourselves in. Things seem to be slackening a little in the UK hopefully we will all get back to normal soon.

Keep a hold


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Bob thank you so much for the advice and for taking the time to speak to me it’s very much appreciated ,It a bad time we are living through but hopefully as u say it is getting easier.it’s the loneliness I hate it gives me way to much time to think about myself I just need to grow a pair and get on with things xx

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borderriever in reply to 4020

We both feel the same way, sometimes when my wife is outside you get lonely when they are missed. We can get lost outside and Pax knows all the secret places, He does the same thing in the house and when I am alone I start looking for him He knows where to hide


I have headaches at the moment and of course it has to be a tumour. My anxiety goes through the roof so it gets worse

Thank you Maisie

I can really sympathise as I suffer with very bad headaches and burning neck regularly and I know it’s the anxiety causing tightening and tension as pain killers don’t touch it and then I can’t stop thinking about them.

Doctor has given me low does of Amitriptyline to relax nerves in my neck only been on it for two days but I think it’s working x

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Chase888 in reply to 4020

They are good for pain.

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