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Isolated from family, friends, society and anyone I had known

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I am from a third world country. I have been isolated from anybody I known in life including my mother because of leaving religious belief. I have experienced traumatic depression as I have been bullied by all the people I have loved. I was living in the UK, but came back home to live with friends and family. Now I am the most hated person in my society and my family. I find it hard to wake up from bed and it makes me feel even worst. I want to live but don't find a strong reason to live on. What can I do?

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You need to discuss your Depression with your Family Doctor, He should have pathways you can take

Regards Faith, Christian/Islam, possibly you are the only on with help from family that can sort out the problem. However it would seen you need to make some hard decisions either you live with some negativity or you will need to move on and live your life accordingly. Over the years I have suffered reactive depression and I had to make some very hard decisions, it took time and in a way I wished that these problems had been made that much earlier in life. Only You know what your problems are, so I would imagine only you with some form of direction from others can make a break or changes in your life as far as your family is concerned

If suffering bullying, you need to become strong and remove the source, once started and not corrected this can lead to some very irrational attitudes toward you and given what you say it will beat you down and you will broadcast to others you are a victim and the problem will become much worse.

Only you can decide regards above, with possible help when discussing your changes. And acting upon old attitudes that are surrounding you


Thank you for the kind response. I wish if there was a way to connect to my family. This is where I got the most tragic depression from. Because they only seem to deceive me to a dark hole of no love and relation. I tried to move to other places to live but that's not a valid option either according to my present situation. So the only way I find is becoming the real me who can let go and get on. But I am really struggling to let go of the facts how my own people tried bury me down even they knew I was the most gentle and intelligent person in the society. One day I will get on and nothing will effect me anymore.

I am not quite sure what you are saying. Is it because you don't follow their religion? or because you follow a different one? If so can't you agree to differ? I guess maybe in the 3rd world religion is more about the culture and maybe they feel you are dishonouring them? I can't understand why anyone would want to hate just because someone doesn't believe in their religion, but I am in the UK so don't expect to understand this. x

Hi, nice to hear someone from the UK as I have lived in London for many years. I live in a muslim society. You are meant to be hated if you don't believe in Islam anymore. I cannot hate them back because I know they are acting for their belief. But at the end of the day I am the sufferer. In regards to faith, I am a human being and I believe in what I see as a human, the mindful Universe. Truth is truth that doesn't need a name and prophet. Truth is something we discover through science and education that all the intelligent humans can understand/see instead of blindly believing in something told by one specific person which makes him the hero of humanity.

Not good. I would leave and go and live in a more forgiving country if I were you. Providing you can of course. x

I would love to do that. But unfortunately it takes money and approval of visa which is not an easy thing to get from Bangladesh.

No I guess it's not. I hope you find some answers though. x

How do strangers treat you? Is it mostly friends and family who were raised by strict customs? I have no clue if things would improve if you stepped into getting to know outside to meet new people who would find you very nice and interesting to get to know? Is there a way you can seek therapy for now? The problem isn’t you at all , the problem is the way your family is treating you. Like a punishment. You deserve a better family. Your family I’m sure loves you enormously but they are trying to let you know they do not approve of the recent decisions you made. You are a brave person for stepping out side the box. It take confidence and a good healthy ego. To not follow tradition. Your a good person., smart, likable person.. believe in yourself, that’s who you need to impress is yourself.. if they can’t see how special you are.. then move on and live your life the way it makes you happy. You matter!

I get on really well with strangers. Currently I am trying to reorganize my career as a freelancer and hopefully I will move on to a new place. I need a friend more than therapy. In regards to family, I wish they had a single drop of love for me. I never believed it either. But it took me 3 years of suffering to finally understand this. Thank you all for this discussion. I definitely feel better.

You are more than welcomed to give us good news and recent updates of your progress when ever you want., we are all here to be for each other.. I myself have not had issues. Because I worked them out the hard way., but I did start this group to help close personal friend who is doing much much better, My all your wishes come true!

Thanks a lot. I will update when I feel better than it is now. Please tell me about the hard way. I would love to get on.

To further explain, my psyche was affected by anger, fear, continuous disturbance and deep loneliness. I can see the picture but the most hard to avoid is the anger. I will surely get on and reach my dream life. Thank you all!

Fear anger and disturbances, are usually short termed and a wake up call.. that those closest to you are not good for you. You change for the better, and do what brings you joy and success. Your family will either accept the new you. Or they can’t be a part of your life. You on the other hand will continue to believe all good things can happen to you!

You are right! These negative feelings did make me realize the truth about the people surrounding me. It's time for me to get out of the box made by the haters. But again, it becomes really hard when you get bad look, teasing and bad behavior from hundreds of people on daily basis. And, it doesn't finish when I go to a new place since religious groups have network of organized people everywhere in the country. They use the fear technique of "we are trying to kill you and we will do it anytime". The number is so big that I find no energy to complain to the police. I even had member of law enforcement giving me really bad look with that message on his eyes "you left religion". I know how to defend myself and I will make my situation better. I never had fear of death. But I had fear of fighting with my own people and that's what they used to turn me into a weak person. I still feel bad everyday. But I also see the sunshine and the green fields that make be feel really good about my existence.

I think a lot of us have families that don't understand or can be hostile. It must be even worse when you throw religion into the mix too. x

There are people in this world who think totally opposite of a normal human who know how to kill love and loved ones for own gain. They can be from your or my family.

True... I’ve only read stories in the news about a father who went to far in punishing his daughter. It’s pretty sad and terrifying. In situations like that, there will never be a good explanation as to why some religious groups take things to an extreme. For your happiness it seems logical to stay as far as you can away from these tormentors. Easy for me to say this.. but what else can you do? Change your whole identity? No easy answers. I hope a really good solution comes your way. Never give up hope.

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