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Sertraline advise please

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Hi, i am on day 5 of sertraline and a bit worried, yes i have the high anxiety, funny head which is horrid and finding it hard to cope with in a noisy household, i am also to scared to leave the house and wondered if this is normal? And will i ever be able to leave the house?

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It takes a while for sertraline to work. Try relaxation there are a few apps that can help. Yes you will be able to leave the house, it’s going to take some time but you can do it. I believe in you.

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Mel29 in reply to AllieKitKat

Thank you, i managed to stand outside front door today, baby steps, fingers crossed i be ok, just worried about my anxiety being higher than normal, hope this passes. Hope you well

Hey hang in there, I found the best way to take it was gradually building up to the dosage prescribed, assuming it is a tablet and not a capsule or liquid🤔, so you could start with half, but please do this through your doctor. Also having something to eat before taking the tablet helped, also the time of day you take it can help, so if taking it night time you'll sleep through the worst of the side effects, unfortunately the way these meds work you might feel worse before better. Remember it's only temporary. Keep your mind occupied and don't Google side effects. Best of luck😊

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Mel29 in reply to Blackdogkilla

Hi, thank you for advise, i actually managed to stand just outside front door today, so baby steps and fingers crossed i be ok... Hope you well.

Hi Mel29 sertraline takes a while and the begging you feel isn’t working and eventually will I promised. I had that experience. I’m still in sertraline almost 4 years. It makes a huge difference. Improved my life quality so much. Try to rest as much possible and yes baby steps. It’s ok if you think maybe stronger dose can help But Always under doctor supervision until you find the right dose for you. Don’t give up. It will work!

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Mel29 in reply to kolibri

Thank you sooo much for advise, i am a worrier and i feel lost in anxiety, today seems to be a good day, but in back of mind i worried how i am going to feel tomorrow. Hope you well

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kolibri in reply to Mel29

I know you are worry and understand that feeling. If I can advise try practicing one step at time. For example enjoy the present moment or worry about the present moment. Don’t think about next hour. Think about it when you there. Also plan or make a list on a board you can see , about your priorities the important and the urgent with dates to complete And set those as goals that will help you keep your mind busy. They future but no need to worry until you working on them. Hope it helps

Hey,Completely get you I have been on sertraline for 2 weeks dont want to go out at all i forced myself to go for a long walk two days ago, I put my head phones on an just went for it, yes I did feel uncomfortable at first I went a route I knew no one would be around, took a few pictures of my trip ect stay strong you can do it too :)

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Mel29 in reply to Chrisjamesd

Hi, lovely pic, thank you for your words, yesterday was a good day, unfortunately today not so good, i just unsure if this is normal. Sorry to harp on, wish i was as strong as you and could force myself to just walk up the road instead of standing by front door.

Sertraline is not causing those feelings, but it does have to buildup in your system and 5 days is not enough. What do you do to manage anxiety and fears that pop up?

For a noisy household.... noise cancelling headphones, white noise, a fan on nearby, or even some cotton balls can help.

Going outside for a few minutes at a time, increasing time each day, will build tolerance. What conversation are you having in your head when you try?If it talks about being afraid or negative reinforcement and doubt, you need to change that channel. Look at a list of positive personal traits. Make some positive statements to replace the doubting ones.

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