Progressive Depression

I've been treated for depression for the last 20 years, the lady 8 years by a psychiatrist. I've been on just about every medication and combination of medications there are. it works for a period of time, then my symptoms get worse. I am under an enormous amount of stress that is just part of my life, can't be reduced. I am 60 years old and was once a vibrant actuve, outgoing person. I don't even want to leave the house now.

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  • Hi there my heart goes out to you, it's a terrible illness to live with. I too have chronic depression and have had it all my life. I too live under a lot of stress that I can't eliviate. I have baaaaad health to add to it. I have tried loads of tablets but the best for me is Cymbalta. 60mg a day seems to keep me in a liveable space and try really hard not to go "there" my dark place because I tumble down., then I am suicidal. I wish you well

  • Thanks for replying. Cymbalta is one I haven't tried. i will research it and discuss it this week with my doctor .

  • Hi again thank you for your reply. Honestly it's worth a try, it has improved my life so much. Please let me know what you decide☺️

  • I am truly sorry to read your story. No one knows what it is like to feel negative and down all the time. To not want to leave the house is really bad and I honestly do not know how to help you with that. You sound alone, if that is the case you do need company. It is all very well being prescribed drugs etc but you need other help from people who understand what you are going through. I ave personally lived with constant family stress which no one can help me with but I go out and socialise with friends etc, I am 64. I went to a counsellor once when I was working, my doctors practise have this for people with mental health, this was not for me personally but I was thinking there must be some sort of help from your GP if you are so low. Please let me know how you get on. Have you tried relaxation tapes? On this site we do encourage on another, thinking of you😊X

  • Thanks for responding . Yes, i have been using music for relaxation , it seems to help. I might need to set aside time in the afternoon to listen to the music to "reset" myself. Thanks. I'll keep you updated. This site is very helpful!

  • I think we are works in progress and have to set time aside for the little things that used to cheer us. Drip feed stuff throughout the day and don't neglect self. I read somewhere that it can be a help to go though positive things last thing at night in bed. Apparently you may wake up feeling a little better, I take myself for a walk behind my eyes. I think it was someone on here that came up with the term mind maintainance. I found that a very helpful prompt.

    Its hard but when I am in a pit. I try to remember, that this is just a blip. I crawled out of it for a bit before. So I just have to wait for the sun to appear from behind a cloud, one small chink makes all the difference.

    May you find one small thing to make a difference, even for a bit. All the bits add up. and don't forget stress is exhausting. Get thy beauty sleep. No one copes very well without it.

  • Our stories sound quite similar. It doesn't help much though to have severe chronic pain in my knees, legs and hands. If you want to talk, just write me back. I hope you will get some relief from your depression.

  • I too have other health problems and pain. I hope you try some alternatives for your knee pain before resulting to surgery. My best to you.

  • I fully understand where youre coming from as Im the same age as you and its like reading my story.Its all very well if you can go out and socialise but part of the illness is you cant.Sometimes I try but Im too sensitive for this life and end up getting hurt or just even reading into things negatively. If you want to keep in touch please do as I need a friend who understands what its like.Take care I will be thinking of you.

  • I read somewhere that we see life through a lense that distorts and magnifies reality. This covers up the positive things in our live. Take care.

  • Know that you are not alone. This is not you, it is an illness. I suffer from it too and it comes and goes but for no reason that I can pin down. It is not, as some people say, because of wrong thinking though dwelling on negative thoughts does not help me. In my case the root of my problem, I think is feeling responsible for everyone and everything around me and feeling guilty for not delivering. I can't seem to learn that others need to be responsible for themselves and owe me as much compassion as I feel I need to have for them. I am the same age as you, it is tough.

  • You are so right. I was trying to explain that to my husband the other day . He says he gets so tired of these episodes . I want to ask him if I had cancer, would he think the same way. I have a need to take care of everyone, that turns into a control. I also have a BIG problem with REJECTION. That will send me spiraling .

  • My problem is rejection,thats why I avoid various situations,I have low self esteem and think most people dont like me.Im sure loneliness and those feelings come with depression.My husband doesnt understand as he never had mental health issues.Three years ago we were all set to go to South Africa on holiday,I took ill with severe anxiety,he still went and I was so devastated I deep down dont forgive him.

  • Im 30 years old,had depression since a young teen it never goes away from me,some moments in time i will forget and feel like im immortal strange i know but when i get that mood i feel like nothing matters and nothing can stop me,then bam...back down in the mud,i hate people saying its nothing or im lazy im so angry right now and dont know if the doctors understand me or if anyone ever will,hope you feel better soon not that any of us will :)

  • Seems this will be my life too then,nothing seems to work for me i cant sleep at night,so i sleep in day,i get called lazy im not ill blah blah im ready to explode,i cant be with people too long as i get so tired,i wish a cure could be found,im feeling so low also im a type 1 diabetic which angers me too why did i get it,now im twice as tired and cant eat how i wish and stab myself everyday to stay alive...i hope one day we are all at peace

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