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I am currently on 50mg of sertraline and the docs want to put me upto 100mg I just wondered if anyone was on the same dose that has been on 50mg and seen or felt a difference ?

Advice much appreciated as my anxiety is absolutely horrendous I have been waiting for counciling for nearly a year now and I understand our mental health services are stretched to there limits I’m trying my best to self help and keep busy

Thank you x

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For me, it wasn't a useful med. However, I did feel it took the edge off anxiety especially at 150mg.


Generally upping this medication, doubling it is quite normal, your GP must have been happy with the side effects etc and how you are responding. We are all different with medications, give this one plenty time to work for you, hopefully all will sort out.

One of the main problems is keep changing your medications, when we look over the long term there is not that many medications, you need to also remember every time you change it may be you will have to take a further five weeks to get used to them. Doctors and Health Professionals move on forward and do not really look back if you keep balking at all the drugs you try

Waiting for Therapy is like a real problem, rationing is going on normally, take into consideration what is going on now and I can imagine appointments are as rare as hens teeth. Twelve months is a long time mind, you need to push, however I had a telephone assessment two weeks ago as all this viral problem kicked of and they cancelled my request.

Personally I think they knew what was going to happen and were clearing their books


Hi there I'm on 200mg there is a difference and I suffer bad anxiety well most of my life and sertraline is ok when it kicks in

Im on 100g Sertraline, and it suits me. Helps me hold things together, otherwise l wd be too emotional and it wd affect my job. They are very good, and l have no side effects x

I was on 150mg and although to begin with it helped ease my anxiety it gave me so many more side effects than needed so my doctor started to ween me of them. I'm running out of options though as all the medications start of ok for the first year then thee terrible side effects happen and I'm still left with the anxiety. I've decided to go natural remedies. Meditation omg meditation helps alot and the local apothecary shop. Good luck

Hi I have been on 200mg for 2 years with no side effects. But everyone is different so.its hard to know if your get side effects. Good luck Steve

I’m only on 50mg sertraline myself, but I’m sure the doctor would not put your dose up of you didn’t need it, if it was me I’d try it and see how it went you can always come back down to 50 see how you feel, sorry I can’t be of more help


You mention on your page you work in a Vets Office. You mention various pains associated with your Work. If you are lifting animals or securing them you may be pulling and twisting, you must be actually lifting animals onto a table or bending down when treating them That will cause Vet Pain !!

Have you had any training on how to lift, it is important when lifting not to bend your back.

Try lifting with your legs, keeping your back straight and your chin in to your neck, your legs are stronger than your spine so you will also need to place your feet at 45 degrees, close to the item you lift. Keep your arms at forty five degrees to the lift, place your arms close to your chest, this method will reduce the strain on spine as you will lift with your knees. You will also be at a better balance with your arms as they are holding the item close to the body not the spine, if you extend your arms full extent you will find all the stresses will affect the arms

Give it a try


Hi yes I am on 150 mg at moment GP upped them 2 weeks ago, and I do feel much better, also I am on Beta Blockers hope this helps

Anon030716 in reply to sophie52

Hi Sophie,

Am looking for some advice.. today I have been prescribed with sertraline 50mg & Propranolol 10mg for my anxiety attacks.. I was wondering what type of side effects you suffered with (if you suffered with any)? I know my doctor has prescribed me them but reading peoples experiences have made me anxious about taking them?

I also smoke cigarettes and have read online that it’s not good to smoke with the Propranolol ☹️ Sounds silly but sometimes having a cig helps me with my anxiety.. just don’t know what to think/do x

I started 17 days ago on 25mg for first week. No difference, no side effects, nothing. Then 50mg on day 9. One day where I was extremely dizzy and nauseous. After 2 weeks no more anxiety. Just mild low mood at the moment. I've found that these meds only work if I remove the stressors out of my life and learn to chill and stop feeling guilty about stuff. I'm on sick leave at the moment and I'm telling myself I'm only going back when I'm better. I spose it's the northern work ethic they drill into us when we're young. "Do more, be more, attain, progress, build, achieve"...For what?

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