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hi if u read my previous posts Iv had a difficult year . Iv had a tooth abcess and completed antibiotics yesterday today I feel generally weak very depressed slight temperature can't stop crying please help I can usually get myself out if this im also experiencing heavy bleeding at min after not havin a period for a couple months last time this happened they put it down to hormonal imbalance so don't know wat is going on I just can't seem to get out if this spiral please help I don't leave the house since underactive thyroid I'll health in past year im really struggling x

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  • To add the dentist is taking tooth out next week do I need another antibitioc im scared because I feel weak x

  • Oh Andypandy,

    I'm sad to hear you are still feeling low. The fever means infection. Please call the dentist and report the fever. I'm sorry your period decided to show itself now when you really don't need it. No wonder you feel so awful. You have so many things going wrong at once.

    Can you call your Dr. also about the hormone imbalance? What was done the last time you had this? What helps you to get out of the house so you can get to a Dr. if you have to? Can a friend take you and stay with you every minute? I wish I could do that for you. You know what I recommend about your hypothyroidism and depression so I won't say it again. I'll just wish you the very best outcome and lots of love and HUGS!! Take care.

  • Suez I ment to message u bk for ur previous kind message im finding it very hard to stay strong my friend uv been so kind to me . My daughter needs me im just lost in this fog . Partner offers me little support and wen I needed to talk to someone today wen I was so desperate I had to ring a stranger . I have to get a grip on this spiral Iv tajen paracetemol for temp . Tooth still a bit tender . And Need to get it out next week but have to build myself up to fight the infection once she opens the tooth . I'm trying to prayer God and my child and u are all I really have . I do think I need to increase antideprrssant s but need to feel better physically to do this . Please send me a message if u need to u have said all the right things so far . If it's a hormone imbalance would that not make me feel depressed cans anxious and mixed up too xx

  • With regard your tooth Andy Pandy

    They need to give Antibiotics before they drain and remove the tooth, as they do not want the infection to spread. The medication will make you feel very tired as sometimes they need to be strong in dentistry. Personally I would contact your Dentist ASAP and arrange another appointment so they can instigate more treatment by draining away the infection.

    With regards your other problem you need to make that appointment to see your GP, at the same time admit that your depression is bad and your Surgery will decide the best way forward. for you, make that appointment ASAP as you seem to have a great deal on your mind and you need to move on away from the negativity that is causing your worry


  • Thank u Bob as well Iv been so unwell this week dentist sdvised me to build myself up so that I will be ready to get the tooth out as she said I cannot do root canal again unless I go private . The swelling and pain have subsided somewhat but tender and aware of it being present . I asked if I needed another course of antibiotics and she felt no the next course of action was getting it out as soon as I feel well enuf . I know it's a simple procedure but I had a nasty experience 2 years ago concerning the tooth next to this one and as the abcess was still attached to the tooth I could see it wen she took it out . Horrified me really then I was left with a very infected mouth which took 3 weeks to heal several courses of antibiotics and then further sinus problems after that . I believe this is why my health went into decline and I ended up with hyperthyroidism after being hypo with no problems for ten years .yes so afraid this will happen again and want to do the right thing . My depression and hormonal problems are all an unneeded problem on top of this and needs to be addressed . It's just hard to see the word for the trees wen I'm in the midst of it all x

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