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Hi I’m new to this and suffer with serve anxiety also social anxiety so last week I came across this website called depression it’s a chat room I thought it would be a load off rubbish if I’m honest but actually it has already helped me in the short space off time I’ve been on there you can chat to others who’ve also suffer other mental illness meet people from all over the world.. so if your feeling down or feel you can’t talk to anybody sign up it’s free and takes a few minutes it may help some one who is struggling like I was there are people on there to support you aswell so your not alone why not give it a try? Thankyou for reading

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That's good news and well done for finding it. I must admit I do like chat rooms but tend to avoid them now as they seem to be full of young people (I am not young) discussing modern music or teenage angst none of which I can relate to! x

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Hi Hypercat54 I am no spring chicken either. I'm not really a social person.

But I do need to talk to someone about how they keep their anxiety in check. Some days no matter what I do nothing work. My Dr prescribed proponol I only need to take it when needed. It does help when I take medication but horrible side effects when I stop. Do you have any tips on how you Cope?

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What's the point in talking about it its not like it makes things better

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Shariece in reply to Hidden

It may help someone who is struggling and can’t talk to others face to face so doing it in a chat room may help them

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Fair point

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I think it helps most people to talk, not necessarily about your feelings but about anything and everything. It's also great for those who are lonely or housebound as it is company. Not as good as real life of course but much better than nothing.

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Fair point

There are older people on there to all ages the oldest is 65 lol so it’s for anyone it’s a Lovely site we all about anything and everything lol x

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hypercat54 in reply to Shariece

Might have a look in then thanks. x

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