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HELP MENZ. MENTAL HEALTH as we are totally fucked really no matter what help there isssssss


OK he we go I'm a 34 year old full English white dude that's it lmffaoyfc


Mental health

Severe social anxiety



Severe Ptsd

No fam

Its me n me only apart from my son who not with me


Don't say just focus on my son as already do 247 if can n do the best but on my own nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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Sorry but talk like that I’m not surprised no one wants to chat why be so offensive praps helps to bring out your feelings but....chill a bit you may get a reply 😤

So definitely sounds like if you have gotten any medical help for mental health n etc sucked.

Ive been screwed over by soooo many docs i cant tell ya BUT..dont give up on it.

Fight, n dont let the system can n does happen.

BTW ur post may get pulled or ?? per language n rules on HU.

Your pissed n i get it.

Depending where u r in uk im sure someone here might be able to give ya fresh ideas n hope for u n ur son.

Best to ya.

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Thanks but i know the rules

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Its all good my friend😁

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Yes..we definitely are😁

Hello sorry to hear this please can I ask why the language the words always solutions.

Do you not think others are the same lot older than you have so many times kicked in the lemons.

By services, organisations, employees, employers, family and much more.

It hurts of course it does right now spent a lot of time on a website for disabled mentally ill and other conditions lied about me one former member dismissed.

Spent so many days nights helping those like you so dismissed and removed lost my support my life lines now have to cope alone.

Only person you must know this is you have to help yourself services organisations will help you but so do you.

Failure leave you remove you. Resources costs staff shortages and anything that helps run a service this Government charities are struggling.

My own support worker up early remember paid nothing , would text me around morning sending me emails and information late at night.

Suggestion motivation if you fail to adhere out you go.

Trust me had those many times then the personality clashed with those support workers been in the job a long time end of the tether had enough stressed and tired.

Could not stand me or either Team Managers the bane of my life certain ones .

Punched verbally and out of the services so had to change, going to because I can and do understand meet those like you every day on many times.

In charities which going to give you.

Will say right now these will help you .

All might not not be in all areas but have a look website can self refer help with anything.

Offer floating support.

Benefits especially assessments and much more. Many have in house advisors . Well being and health .

Social lifestyle and anything else.

Please not point scoring but yes you probably had a lot to deal with had my issues thirty years.

Addiction, disability and mental health so there you go.

Some one who is kind enough to help you.

Please what ever had happened there are those worse than you and your problems stop to think for once.

Understand all the anger and upset been there so let me and others guide you to a better way of thinking of course it is up to you.

Please take care you will if you have a stone in your path do you stop or move over or a round.

Poignant thought.

Please forget need help with your access to your son try these.

Offers legal advice worth looking at.

Others might surprise you these as well.

Has family services.

Often support those struggling with mental health and other problems.

Offers a lot of information on many welfare services and benefits plus can help with a variety of problems money, financial.

Has child services help with anything such as getting access any problem again children can help with support.

Please if I can help contact me further.

Only there are lot of men like me and you if you stop just to think.

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