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Triggers - what do you all do?

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I’m new to this and have never wrote about my feelings and my many years of undiagnosed depression and anxiety. The last few months for me have been a living hell of getting used to the medication and coping with my trigger points.

I wanted to ask what others do when they know they encounter their triggers... how do you cope and what do you do to help yourself?

Last week was the first time I rang the Samaritans, and I’d like to really thank them for talking me down from a major panic attack.

Thanks in advance, and good luck to everyone.

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Google: mindful mediation youtube

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Thanks, I will do

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I don’t have particular triggers but when I feel my anxiety/depression come over me, I practice mindfulness, it’s about being present in the moment. I tend to do something intricate or creative. A lot of people do drawings/colouring but if you’re not into that you should try the Thomas Pavitte 1000 dot to dot. It’s not a children’s book I promise! I find it really helpful, it’s easy to focus on the here and now and you get a nice picture at the end😊

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Thanks. Yes I’ve tried the colouring but it didn’t really work for me. I will certainly have a go at the dot to dot, that sounds really good. Thanks again

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If you know what your triggers are you can develop standard responses to it or experiment until you find something that works.

Do you journal?

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Thanks. Yes writing a journal was suggested before, not sure why I haven’t really tried it. I’ve been writing, but mainly bits for a local church. Thanks again for the advice, I’m very grateful

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If you need help with working out responses, PM me.

Take care!

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Hi, I find that panic/anxiety attacks seem to come on when I've been anxious and shallow breathing because I'm tense. I try to do deep breathing as many times as I can during the day and if I feel it getting worse I just breathe my way thought it sometimes til I'm dizzy but it works for me.

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Oh and I also tend to write down my symptoms like shoulder tension which makes me relax my shoulders. I have a post it note on my fridge that says...Relax, breathe and drink water.

Generally everyone even patients with no mental health concerns will suffer triggers throughout their Lives. The only difference in your situation is, you are triggered to become upset or depressed by peoples actions towards you

What are your triggers ?. In my case today I had to have an injection that I have every three months. To prevent getting an infection I was told to go to the back door, another patient was shown the door, and I was told to wait until the nurse changed her gloves. By the time I got into the clinic I was freezing, I went in and had my injection and came outside, however my prescription was not there so I had to walk to the Staff door, That was my trigger although I was very good I did not loose my temper, The nurse had been supposed to have my prescription ready for picked up

You can be triggered although not to loose your temper



Generally a trigger happens on the moment, therefore it can be very raw if it happens as a trigger set on that moment, Relaxation Techniques normally in external situations will not work, however you can just turn away and control your breathing to a more regular way.

Deep relaxed breaths, count to ten and try and remember the trigger, repeat back to the person or thing that has triggered the problem. Deep breathing through your nose not the mouth if you breath through the mouth you may find you will gulp for air and your speech will make your voice sound stressed. Try and pause your breathing before speaking. It does work.

If I am at high do sometimes I will turn away and try and go into a warm quiet place in your mind, try and say to yourself to calm down and count to ten before you talk about the problem. You can also walk away, that may help with the trigger.

The problem being triggered sometimes can be the trigger that makes you sound out of control of what you are saying. If that happens it sounds like the offender has won whatever the trigger was.

What are your trigger points we may be able to help


Pain,stress,anger r my triggers.When i feel it coming on or im in it..i use music first,heating pad 2nd to relax my body n 3rd i use my nutty humor to distract my brain. The anger, is not often, as ive decided to recognize it n remove myself from the situation im in or could be in.

Thanks for sharing. I feel like I still have these problems. I am just doing my best and focusing on the positive. Friends support helping me immensely. Best of luck.

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Finding the Triggers is normally hard as anxiety can be delayed by hours or days, sometimes there can be no trigger. Personally I find it easier to learn how to deal with the anxiety rather them trying to work out the cause. CBT is what you need then if that doesn't work, then try other natural remedies or get meds.

I've got so many triggers. First learn what you're personal triggers are, accept them & try (which can be hard) to stay away from them.

I can't watch some TV shows or the news. I loved that TV series "13 Reasons Why" but it was a big trigger to my depression & my feelings about suicide. It irritates me that I'm 45 & have to monitor what I watch. Luckily I love Disney movies so it's all good.

Comparing myself to others & always thinking of how behind I am to others. When I meet my friends, I have to remind myself not too compare myself to them or anyone. Not to judge myself, it can quickly become a downward spiral.

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