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What should you do if you're unsure about what to do in life?

Again, I can ask what I like, but not sure if people can answer for me - particularly if they can't decide for me. Very depressed. Especially if you know that (ultimately) only you can make the decision. I mean, of course there are intermittent things that I could do. But I need to have a long term goal. I'm thinking about taking some time to consider it. This might be to the detriment of my study, but it may be worth it.

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All we can do is support you, I know its hard i think about doing things and then something goes wrong and i just end up more depressed, struggling just to keep going at the moment, i suppose as only you can make the decision its best for you to look at the options out there and follow your heart if you can keep up the studying then its better because even if you decide not to follow that path it is a degree and will help you in many areas


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I agree, take time out to let yourself come to your own decisions, get help by talking to someone if that might help, take care of your body and mind, feel loved. Suexx


Hi if you don't know what you want in life try making a list instead of things you don't want. This can sometimes help clarify your thoughts.

Bev x


I dont want to be negative in any way......but I tried making a list and I couldnt find the will to complete any of them so instead of making a list and trying to complete it......instead be open minded and be open to opportunities.

I recently walked past a poster for Zumba local to me....now I attend and it raises my mood slightly. Yeah it doesnt last long afterwards but its a start and I didnt need to plan a list to do it.

Best thing you can do is stay open minded but be cautious at the same time :)

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All good advice. Talk to the right people, who can provide the right answers.

Bev: I never thought about inverting the list. That is really good advice.

I do think the list is a good idea for me, it's how I tend to work best. But you're right Charlotte, I should keep an open mind.

Hmm. Thanks a lot.


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