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What to do ?


Hey everyone it's been a while since I've posted I'm hoping all is well with everyone. I just needed some help with advise I'm still stuck in the same situation I was in with getting over someone. I really didn't expect it to be this hard it sucks so much. I know it's terrible for me to do this here. I'm not the type of person to reach out to people and ask for help but I'm not sure but I think this problem has affected me drastically. My sleeping patterns have changed I've started eating my feelings away which lead to weight gain and I can't find a way to get back to exercise. I'm a loner now don't know what to do. I've tried to forget but the person is still there. I think they just broke me you know.

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Hi again and welcome back, please remember you are not alone while you post on this caring community. One day at a time and small steps, each one will help you get your self esteem back. When you feel you are weakening - Remember the reason why you split up and what happened then to convince you that it was the right thing to do.

A friend of mine has recently been through the same thing and she has put up little notes to herself on her cupboard doors. They are reassuring, inspirational little sayings so that she can see them every time she goes to open her cupboards - this works for her when she feels so down. It may help you take a step forward too. I particularly like this one -

Things to never forget -

Everyone has a different journey.

We can't change the past but can move on.

Things do get better with time.

Happiness comes from within.

Smiles and kindness cost nothing.

Opinions of others don't define you.

What goes around comes around.

You only fail if you quit.

Positive thoughts create positive lives.

There are the support helplines that are mentioned on the 'Pinned posts' and the Samaritans helpline tel: 116 123.

Also posting on here will help as we understand and don't judge.

Take heart, you are not alone.

MAS Nurse.

Thank you so much you always bring great words of encouragement to me and to everyone else here I'm sure.

Keep,active lovely, go for a walk, take small steps, break ups are tough be kind to yourself, take back your power, tell yourself I am enough, it’s tough but I know you will get there, lots love x give yourself the love you give to the other person, here anytime x

Thank you

I know it seems hard and you may not see how you can move forward. But take time for yourself, think of what you want in life. Meet friends see a funny film, go to the gym, a walk or mindfulness. Meditate ( headspace is a good app) plan your year, a country to go to, maybe even an old friend. Time will introduce you to a new life. Remember when you wake up “ Today starts a new beginning” and it is. You are not alone, we are here for you, so please reach out when you need, that’s what friends are for :)

Thank you so much stay blessed and it's a nice app

My pleasure :) I’m sure most of us have been through a similar situation, we are still here and some with new lives, new friends, new relationships. You are a special person, all of us individual and special in different ways. Go out there show the world you are here and enjoy being able to wake up to live a life you want.

I'd try my best but I really don't know what's the point anymore but thanks for the advice stay blessed

How you doing lovely? X

Haven't been on in a while but I'm fine thanks for asking so sorry for a really late response but hope all is well with you

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