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Hey, everybody! I'm Victoria. I'll be 20 this year.

Everything's falling apart, everything's burning. I have a very difficult family situation, my father cheats on us all the time. We don't have anything to eat, it's been like this for a few good years, but it's never been as bad as now. I'm afraid that we'll be left without a flat and money, we have a lot of debts and no one to help us, we have a loan for a flat and it's just hard. I don't have any friends (even if I can't trust them) My whole family lives under pressure.

I have terrible problems at school, I probably won't pass's all because I can't focus on anything because there are problems everywhere.

I have or had a boyfriend, I met him in March 2018, 24/08/2018 we started to be together, for a few months, (year in general) it was perfect. Then something started to break down, we started arguing, breaking up with each other and coming back together like some kind of possessed person.. but I still love him, my heart breaks if I have to survive without him one day and then one month. I became terribly attached to him (it's a long-distance relationship) my mother doesn't accept it and even forbids me, even though I told her about it, she repeats that she will send me to a psychiatrist. We've been talking to each other again for some time but I felt it was completely different than before and that hurt me. ( I'm afraid to ask him about it because I know how he will react...) He tryna to be tough as always.. He said that we will talk when he finishes school but I couldn't go away like that.. then I realised that it was better to talk when we finish school. ( He doesn't want to listen to my problems because he has his own and he's stressed. ) My heart breaks and bleeds, cries every day when I think about him and other problems but nobody pays attention to it, I try to help everyone but nobody can do it for me.

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Hi and welcome victoria. I hope someone on this site can help you. You say you are still at school, I take it your not in the U.K.

does both your parents work? Is there no one at school you can talk to like a councillor or a teacher who would listen to you. It must be hard trying to study with all the pressure you feel under. Try and focus on your exams I know it’s hard as you say you have no friends but if you get the results you want it will ease some of your pressure. This is a great site for help or even if you just want a chat or to vent then just message and someone will reply. Good luck and hope you can get rid of some of the pressure.

Welcome...First things first...u need food to feed ur brain n body.Can u go to a local church or food bank??

As far as ur family n "u" first...get some food in ya n feed that brain n body...that canhelp u think more rational.Then take care of yourself first..get a good therapist to help guide you.Make yourself is number one.

Where in the World do you live, here in the UK Adulthood begins at eighteen and in the 1970s Adulthood began at twenty one ?

You need food so you can feed your brain and be able to study, however at twenty depending where you live many young adults begin to look after themselves.

However been at college can you not get grants so you can move on partly under your own steam. Many people here get a flat too live in and become independent of their family.

Sometimes possible first love and the stress associated with it can also cause problems when you are studying, it is sad you do not seem to get on at this time, sad to say this will be disrupting your education and this will be keeping you distracted. Consider your needs and move on if things do not get any better.


Like the other responders, I'm not sure if you are in UK, but assuming wherever you are is similar, there should be someone at school, a counsellor or a welfare office who can help you to cope and possibly help with accommodation and money.

If there are no public resources that you can access then perhaps you could find a job and return to education when you are more stable? Often as adult students we do far better than at a younger age.

I think maybe you need to see a doctor too, are you on medication? If yes, its really important that you take it regularly.

Finally, it sounds like your father is a bit toxic, becoming more independent will give you greater control and enable you to feel much better about yourself.

Anyway, keep talking here, it will help.

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