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Nortriptyline & Anger


Hi all

I hope ppl with sunshine today are enjoying the rays.

So I’ve not been on here in a while.

A situation has arisen.

I’ve been on Nortriptyline for the past 8 months to help with depression and the fact I needed a new hip,yeh a nip hip arrived in the post,how happy,I’ve now had the operation and I feel a new person.

Sorry going of tack.

Just to ask has any one experienced taking Nortriptyline and had chronic aggressive anger issues.

So from my psychiatrist all I get is,here there are some great courses on anger that you can go on for free.

The Nortriptyline has all but destroyed my marriage caused a section 21 to be delivered asking to give property back with in 2 months.

I’ve tried to jump of a bridge three times,Christ it takes some serious hard core balls to have the courage to jump.

I was picked up by the police and taken to A@E

Where the polite doc asked me what I wanted and why I didn’t want to live.

I went home and went to bed.

I just stopped the Nortriptyline straight away.

With in three days I felt so calm I couldn’t believe it.

I was on zyban a few yrs ago which was even worse for me.

I’m going hard core to see what it’s gonna be like living with out anti depressants.

One less tablet to take hey.

So yer just wondering what ppls take is on this anger & Nortriptyline.

Just to let all the lovely good folk on here,I’m making what I see as a wonderful recovery with in my self and yer days are difficult like what days arnt but that’s just the ups and downs on life.

Thanks for listening

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I am pleased you feel you are getting better in your own mind, it is so important you understand your own bodies needs and expectations, however you need to be able to discuss your needs with your Doctor, You are in partnership with your Health Professionals who control your medications and needs


Hi Bob

Cheers for the kind words of support

I can only imagine that you would have tried SSRI meds in the first place, (prozac, sertraline etc), and they didn't work for you, or you wouldn't be on that stuff.

As for becoming more aggressive, I think that's just a fringe reaction that some people have to some meds. I think I will maybe try that excuse if any doctor ever puts me on venlafaxine. Should be an easy switch off it.

Both of the ones you mention hit noradrenaline, (zyban is noradrenaline and dopamine; nortriptyline is noradrenaline and serotonin, but more on the noradrenaline side, from what I remember), so the only thing I can think of (pure guess) would be to try things that are more on the serotonin side. Or hey, giving them up, as you are doing, may work as well.

In America they are starting to do genetic testing on people with depression. They specifically test to see which anti depressant will work best for you. If it's available, you go to your GP and they send your DNA to be tested. It saves trying so many different drugs some of which have horrible side effects. It is pricy , 3 or 4 hundred dollars , but a one time process. It took me several years to find an anti depressant that worked well. I haven't had this done although I would if I had to change medication. I have had the experience of some drugs making me angry. Sometimes you just have to refuse certain meds. Pam

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