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HELP! Am I missing something?


Hi there! First time writing here! I have a question and I’m hoping I get some type of clarification here! So I’ve been to the ER three times now. The first time was in mid June of this year. I went because I was tingling up, my fingers, toes, mouth just started tingling out of nowhere. I felt like something bad was going to happen to me. They said I was having an anxiety attack. they gave me Ativan and I went on my way. Followed up with my doctor a few days later and she suggested the same thing. She put me on lorapax and I just didn’t feel comfortable with taking it and being reliant on it. A few weeks passed and as I was getting ready do eat some brunch, I notice I was having a hard time trying to eat. I started getting antsy and felt really light headed. I went to the ER again, they did an EKG, ran blood work, did a urine sample, an X-ray and they all came back normal. She did suggest I see a cardiologist due to feeling like I was going to pass out. Well, I went back the next day (to the ER) because I felt so uneasy, light/faint pinching in the middle of my chest, on the right and then on the left. The doctor made me feel a bitch crazy. Said everything was normal and ran another EKG and came back normal. I still get dull pain in my chest, my upper back and it causes me to have anxiety attacks. Am I missing something? Has anyone ever experienced this? I can breathe fine. I take deep breaths and it doesn’t hurt. That’s when I tell myself that it’s in my head but Idk what to do. It’s getting hard to enjoy my kids. I’m constantly worried that something bad is going to happen to me. HELP! Please tell me I’m not alone

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Good morning Addds and welcome to this supportive community.

Firstly you are not alone, you are not crazy, many of our members will tell you this. This is an anonymous community and folks on here are supportive and empathic but it does sound like you are experiencing panic attacks, for whatever reason. Has some trauma occurred in your life or have you been dealing with something that is very difficult to handle perhaps? Also sometimes when we are tense we hold all our muscles so tight that they respond by giving you some of the symptoms you are possibly experiencing, However please always seek professional help if you go on experiencing these and more different or worrying symptoms as there is no substitute for professional help.

How would you feel about seeing your GP, booking a double appointment (so that it would give you time to speak with them), taking a list of the symptoms, thoughts that you have been experiencing and maybe someone with you so that if you forget anything they can prompt you or remember what the Dr. has said. The 'pinned posts and topic posts on your screen are helpful to refer too as well.

I am sure that other members on here will respond to you too.

Take care, let us know how you are getting on and remember you are not alone.

MAS Nurse.

Addds in reply to MAS_Nurse

Good morning!

Thank you so much for that! Most every day for the past month I have sworn that I am going to have a heart attack. Or that I have some type of brain tumor or something in that essence! It’s so rough. I’m trying to have fun with my kids but I am just so worried they’ll have to see their mom pass out or something 😭

I have tried to make a newer appointment with my doctor but it seems as though she is always out. I have to go next week. I write down everything that happens along with my episodes and what I was doing at the time of the episode.

I’ve also seen a therapist who said I should probably see a cardiologist before she diagnoses me.

The Ativan seems to help. When I do use it (not daily) but I was wanting a more natural-hollistic type of medication.

Does anyone know how to go about asking or what is then prescribed?

The only trauma that I can think of was when the first episode happened, I was a week out from stopping breastfeeding. It happened the day before my sons first birthday party. Also, I started working for a school so it was the first time in a very long time I’ve had so much time off (June-August). The pain is just pinching. Like a pinched nerve in my chest, mostly mid and left. Which is why I always think I’m having a heart attack or something. 😭

I just want this to be passed me already. So tough

If you’ve read through this, thank you! I truly appreciate the response

hypercat54 in reply to Addds

Hi this sounds to me very much like a panic attack. Health anxiety is very common in people who suffer from anxiety.

Your doctor has given you meds which should help you so i can't understand why you refuse to take them? Using meds doesn't mean you will be reliant on them for life or anything, but they can help you feel a bit better while you seek other help through counselling.

If you want to go the self help route then look at mindfulness, yoga, meditation etc. x

borderriever in reply to Addds


Your symptoms are Anxiety, you have had a tranche of tests and you await the checks on your heart, after that you need to consider the best way forward. MAS has advised you on several pathways, I confirm above as well and the double appointment and a list of your concerns is always a good idea as you will have many questions and concerns you need to have addressed.

However you are where you are and now you need coping techniques that may help relax you. Try MINDFULNESS a Relaxation Technique, this approach also instructs you on various approaches to help yourself, associated breathing techniques can calm people down so they can move on away hopefully from their concerns.

Whatever you decide the hardest decision you need to take is that this problem Anxiety is Health Stress, this is where your body sensitivity comes into to the fore.

The Anxiety tightens up muscles, one problem is grinding your teeth in bed for example however you are an individual so your problems can be your own. What you need to understand however is Anxiety follows a well worn pathway. You are not alone.

Now you will need to become aware of your concerns and move on. Your GP may arrange a course of CBT for you to get to grips with various periods in life and help you come to terms with this health problem.

You need to be able to trust the results of hospital tests and also understand further tests may become more expensive and invasive, the more invasive the risk increases. You need to understand test progression may not be a good idea, you need to stop going down this pathway.

We are here to give encouragement

Keep a hold you will learn how to control you condition and move on from this Health Concern


I found a great website that defines some of our anxiety around health...hope it helps.

Thank you to everyone that reached out to me! I truly appreciate it! I will keep you all updated on my cardiologist appointment, I’m hoping it’s nothing but anxiety. Wish me luck!

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