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Hi I broke my elbow four months ago i haven't been able to do much work or household chores due to major break and Operaton however I have gained weight stay in most days ahd don't socialise my partner has been my rock but my teenagers not so much my 12 year old is messy and has to do my hair daily because I can't reach my head but she gets angry and complains my 19 year old is a party animal and goes out and comes and goes out like we are a hotel I've felt sad and anger so much lately is this normal I am so frustrated and low and very angry but this is not the girl I used to be

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  • Hi there sorry to hear about your elbow. I think all these emotions are fairly normal when we are incapacitated. We feel alone and frustrated as we are also depending on others.

    I had a back problem two yrs.ago and had an operation and it was so frightening as I could do very little and I live alone. It threw into a Depression. Teens can be selfish at this age and they probably don't realise how bad you feel, they don't look too closely at this age and to them you probably seen ok.

    You have my sympathy, stick around here and you will make friends and get support and some laughs.


  • Thank you so much and your right teenagers are wrapped up with what's going on with them and emotions and I broke down tonight so think they saw a mum that wasn't so strong and needed their support they've been lovely tonight and we all talked it out so who knows they may listen and start supporting more

  • My heart goes out to you .. I know about incapacitation and how it frustrates us to have to lean on others

  • Thank you so much the physiotherapy is going well but they said could be year full recovery so just hard to think positive as not working or can't drive I was so independent before

  • I understand .. I am glad u have recovery in sight and will get there

  • Small steps lead to longer steps, hopefully they will be able to help you over the Christmas period. I am Chronic Disabled and I can be very restricted what I can do on occasions, and we pile the weight on because of it.


  • Thanks bob happy Christmas

  • And the same to you.

    All the very best


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