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Phone call from the blue 😁😁😁


Hi all

Well the last two days I’ve more or less been stuck in bed.i suffer from ulcerative colitis.

It’s been bad to the point I can’t eat or drink anything so my body has just stopped.lethargic,aching,headache,elevated heart beat chills looking like a pregnant women.

Infact I would say.take a balloon put it In side you (not literally)then just keep blowing it up till your organs bounce of your skin your back your ribs etc etc,you get the jist lol.

Not even all my meds are being digested properly so it’s been more than difficult but I’m not one to moan.

I’m trying to paint my new pushing hard bloody hard and have managed today to paint a very large ceiling.

Any way I had a phone call from the blue from a lovely lady who runs a counciling services charity.

I left an answer machine message on I think Monday about a volunteer switch board job.

Well would you believe it,after a half an hour chat she has asked me to email her my cv.

If you don’t ask you don’t get,that’s my motto and always has been.

So all the ppl on here,I’m not saying oooo go get a job.

I’m saying just push a little no matter how hard it is or seems,you will get rewards.

Thanks to all the ppl on here saying how well I would be suited to a switch board operator.

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Congrats on ur new job wahoo Tigger way to go.

Now..painting the ceiling??? Maybe rest n a heating pad would be better my friend!?

Finished ceiling.

I a stubborn fk.

Rest = giving up on my book


I mean for me silly not any one else

Sorry should have worded that a bit better

I’m going to get a hot water bottle tomorrow.

Ah my mate just text I need any food.hes got my back.

There are a true few good ppl left hey hippo

Good to hear u got someone to help ya.😊

Good luck with the CV, I hope you get the job on the Switch Board and it works out well.

Well done with the ceiling, if you want a job, Voluntary of course you can come and do ours.

We have one in the library where you will need to move the greater proportion of the books and their shelves, You may as well do the walls as well LoL

Are you arranging to see your Doctor regards your gut, it is a painful condition.


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