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I want to section myself


I honestly want to get myself sectioned, I can’t take it anymore, I’ve tried so hard but lately it seems my depression and anxiety are just too strong. I just don’t have it in me to fight anymore, I just want to rest and have support.

I’ve received so much support on here, more than I’ve ever received from my family but this is me throwing in the towel.

I’m so tired

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I’m not familiar with how you section yourself but if it’s something you feel you need and are able to do, then do it.

You don’t have to justify it or explain yourself to anyone. You need to take care of yourself and if that is what is going to help you then go for it. Is there someone you can talk to for advise? Maybe a GP or mental health team?

It takes a lot of courage to ask for help and you should be proud of yourself for not giving up and fighting for what you need.

Take care,


I know it’s what I need to do, I never thought It would come to this

It’s not nice, but it’s ok that this is where you are at. It’s so important that you have recognised the need for help. That in itself shows great strength. Don’t beat yourself up for needing that kind of support.

You’ll come out the other side of this feeling better for it; it’s a process and there are and will be difficult times but you will get through it.

Thank you

Letting go of what eats you up inside is the only way to be freed from the torture you suffer. Best wishes

thank you, it’s time I let go

I felt a little bit like this recently. Do you have a CPN or anything (sorry I haven't been on the forum for ages so don't know you). I asked my CPN to admit me to hospital and I stayed there for a week. It helped x

You are best to see your GP and see if He can help you move on first. To be honest these days they are not that keen to Section Patients, hospital beds are expensive and why put someone into a hospital when they can treat on the outside just as well on the inside.

There are two different Sections, Voluntary and Enforced. The latter is done by the Police or NHS Emergency, or Information Services, You could actually do a voluntary by showing up to hospital A and E or calling NHS Information, however they would normally call out a Crisis Team and do an assessment. The Hospital would also do the same, where the Crisis Team would visit you at home and you would also be given an appointment to see your GP.

Again if they feel you are at risk they may arrange treatment within Society or put you in for an assessment. The problem is, I tried to take my life, they cleaned me out, talked to me in A and E then I was discharged after making sure I would go straight home, or make an appointment to see the CPN and Crisis Team at home, not forgetting your GP.

Why do you feel the need to be put on a ward. ??


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