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I lost my dog about two months ago, she was murdered, it was unexpected and very very hard for me, it is something that I’ve always said “if anything ever happens to her I’m going to kill myself” because she would stray out of the yard often when my dad wasn’t paying attention and I’d tell him that because of how scared I was of losing her, and now I did and it wasn’t an accident or illness, it was someone who just wanted to hurt me, and it’s so so hard for me, every day just keeps getting worse, people have stopped caring about what I’m going through thinking I should be over it, they don’t even ask if I’m okay, no one is sympathetic to me anymore, and I’ve been getting very sick lately, I can’t hardly eat, I’m constantly nauseas, I can’t sleep, I only get max four hours a night, and every time I wake up, stand up, open my door, turn to leave, come home, I’m just like stabbed in the heart with this overwhelming pain of losing my baby, she was my everything and she didn’t deserve what she went through, and I’m so upset I couldn’t protect her, I wish it had been me instead...

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Hi Malumaf,

I replied to you on Wednesday about your situation. Have you spoken to your doctor yet? I think you need some professional medical help, which we cannot provide. We do understand, and I know you have had some really empathic, supportive replies on here on your earlier post. I've checked out online to find the US equivalent of our UK pet bereavement support services which I mentioned to you, and here are a few I have found. They are trained specifically support people going through pet bereavement, take a look and get in contact:

The Blackford Centre for Pet Bereavement (USA)

Compassion Understood:

If you are in crisis and at risk of self-harm please contact: Crisis support USA:

Hope this helps. Stay safe.

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I have an appt with my doctor on the fourteenth of March, it was just really hard yesterday when everyone was around me acting like I’m not allowed to be sad about it anymore, like I should be over it, I did not have any luck when I tried to find a pet bereavement thing but I will look at the ones you were able to find, I just need the empathetic support that they can give me

I discussed your loss earlier last month ?.

As explained we lost our dog due to others cruel actions. The dog was valuable and worked as a Pat Dog in Mental Health Centre.

We got over the immediate loss by going abroad for three weeks in all, I understand many can not afford that and need to look for alternatives to move themselves on and possibly given time a new dog may be waiting to enter your life who will want and affect all the love you have and will reciprocate your feelings.

Our old Vet used to offer sessions to discuss pet owners who had lost their Pet, these sessions where normally about three meetings where group meetings and they did help.

You will never forget your Dog, She will always feel around you through your life,

Pax, we are sure was sent by Pip look after us, in fact sometimes we know Pip is with us in spirit, we feel him licking our toes legs, sometimes we feel what we would call fur rubbing on our legs at a level of where Pip would have been. Sometimes Pax will growl when having his food like another dog was trying to get food out of bowl. So we just know Pip is still around us in spirit

It does and will take time to get over the loss.

What happened to take over your Pet ?


She was strangled by someone who was living with my dad and I because I didn’t want her living in the house anymore, and everyone just kind of expects me to not feel loss, like I just need to move on but it’s just so hard, and my dad won’t let me get another pet

I am so very sorry about your dog i know they are like our babies..hugs for u..i will pray for u..take care of yourself..

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Thank you for the prayers

That is just EVIL!!! I hope hat person rots in hell and I hope karma comes for them!! Losing an animal is hard, it’s happened to me.. it’s been 6 years and I still get emotional! You’re gonna be okay, 😌

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