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Who do you listen to?

A heart trying to hold on...

...or a head that screams

“It’s time to go?

So torn between both

I end up not knowing

What the hell to do.

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Stay strong one step at a time

in reply to Daz2310

Thank you Daz2310. I really am trying.

in reply to Suicidal85

You can do it never give up never look back

in reply to Daz2310

I’m scared I will one day not have the strength and give up. Looking back is painful. I thought I was doing ok until a few hours ago.

Stay safe and do what you makes you feel positive - continuing with negative emotions is not the way to be.

in reply to indervir

Thank you indervir. The negative ones are just so consuming.

Hold on, your life is worth it and people care about you❤️

Thank you. I will hold on Dolphin14. Just seems I have let things go and gone backwards a bit. Just feel so messed up.

Unfortunately we all go through this at times.

Hang on and know that people around us can bring us down but we don't have to let them destroy our progress.

You need to keep pushing forward for you. You are worth it❤️

Thank you Dolphin14. You know I value your words very much and that will never change. If only we see the progress we’ve made during the hard times. It’s then it highlights not much has changed when in fact a lot of the time it’s just not seen.

I agree. I think others see our progress better than we do.

We've had years of programming not to look at ourselves in a positive light.

I know you carry a lot of pain. Keep using your writing to help get the pain out.

I recognize a change in you from many months ago. I know you can conquer this. Trust in yourself and rely on people you can count on for support.

You are stronger than you think.

Try to stay in present, now and don't worry about the future or think of the past, if unhappy - instead feel the present moment and relax and calm down, some relaxing music or good music which motivates you in life or watch something entertaining or comedy - anything that will lift you out of that bad mood - nice bath to relax - walking even indoors or yoga or something to stimulate your brain say

in reply to indervir

I’m trying to keep myself distracted. Harder than it seems though. Trying to find something to watch on tv.

U can do this..u have everyone here sending u hugs n support.😊💕💕💕

Thank you hippolove1. I know I have and having you’s all here means a lot and that’s the truth. Although weak and emotional right now I’m sending hugs as well

We r here for ya...

Thank you.

Hi there, you can do this i believe in you. We all know it's bloody hard at times, but we need each others support to get us through. And you have all the support here. 💖

Thank you Beautifulrainbow. Such a thoughtful reply and love your username. That’s one thing that does make me smile is seeing a rainbow and knowing after rain comes the sunshine and that’s very symbolic.

I haave had the same feelings, but i try to the beauty in one moment. A majestic tree, a squirrel, a happy dog, a beautiful moon. It is hard for me too, but take it one moment at a time.

Thank you Crystal999. It sure is hard. Not been able to get out much but whilst out today it helped clear my head a bit. To add to the list of your suggestions I always love the sky during a sunrise or sunset or even just when the sky is lovely and blue. I’ve 3 dogs I see often and videos on my phone. Pets sure do help. I hope you manage many beautiful moments even in the days that are harder than the others.

Someone from this site, gave me two very wise words: = ' Just Wait', Will you promise to do that?

I did and it really does work.


in reply to Booblet

I do promise Booblet and I’m not one to go back on my promises. Thank you for that. 2 very wise words indeed.

Keep a Hold and do not let the B####### get you down


Will always try bob.

I feel your pain!! Some days are better than others but I know and trying to except my disorders. This whole month I have felt wat your feeling. I do know that sucide isn't the answer. I deal with ups and downs always and I'm so tired. Some days I don't want to live. Why should I stay here in my Misery. Should I go away and disappear? I don't know n so alone. My family is ashamed of me. They can't n won't accept it. So just hang in there. Have HOPE! That's all I have Faith and Hope. I will pray for you. But don't do anything to your self. It onlys causes more Anxiety. Wish u the Best.

I hear your pain in your words and I’m so sorry. I will always strive for keeping hope. Hope for better times. My faith in humanity sometimes gets questioned but such lovely people on this site. I’m sorry your parents are ashamed of you. I know all too well how parents can make you feel. My dad doesn’t even want to know me and never has been in my life. I hold on to so much anger like a lost person would hold onto a map to help find their way to somewhere familiar. I’ve ran away. I think to do it often. You think it will help but in the long run everything follows. I get to the point of wanting to run and not stopping. Always here if you want to send me a PM. No one should feel they have nowhere to turn to. Thanks for the wishes. As I wish the same for you.

Thanks So much. It means Alot to me. 🙏👼

Honestly I understand you, cos thats me everyday, but we both should promise that we need to keep going cos eventually it will get better x

Thank you for saying you understand me Daniiiii101 and I will make that promise. Will you? It has to get better but what scares me is that I’ve always thought when I am in a bad way there’s no place lower than how I’m feeling. But a stark reality hit me only the other day. There seems to be that rock bottom has a basement. Can PM me if you ever want to talk xx

I get u tbh, yes if u ever wanna talk I am here also x

Thank you for your lovely reply, I also get every word your saying because that's how I feel most days. The sky to me lifts me, because I always imagine I'm up there floating in the clouds, just me and my thoughts. No one can harm me up there, it's so peaceful, then I float back down. Ha. How about you choosing another username one that you can smile at when your messaging. ❤️

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