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so confused and stressing myself out.

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i’m not sure if it’s just me, but i literally have the inability to deal or process my emotions most the time. like i will literally try to avoid thinking about a certain thing in hopes to not feel anything. most the time i can’t process my emotions, even happiness. i don’t like to but i want to, but i can’t do it? it stresses me out because then i get all confused and then get annoyed with myself.

and on top of that, i can never make a simple decision. it takes me so long to make a choice it’s ridiculous and i can’t even hurry myself up! i need someone else to point me in the direction or i need someone to tell me.

i don’t know what i feel anymore. truth be told, i don’t know if i do feel anything anymore. all i know that i feel is confusion. and frustration.

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Hello xshadows

Thank you for your message. I am sorry that you feel this way. Have things felt more difficult for you recently?

Perhaps you could tell us more about your situation and what is happening in your life.

Sometimes when you are trying to make a decision it helps to write down the pros and cons. It can help to clear your thoughts.

Have you talked with you doctor about this?

Please can you tell us how hold you are?

The topics and pinned posts might have helpful information.

Our members may have more insight which can be very supportive.

Take care

Best wishes was me a year ago..let me tell you your spot on, thats what you are going through..i went through this at age 41-42..a year after, im no where near where i was...this site has done alot for me..

Hi I wonder if you could be suffering from childhood emotional neglect as your symptoms are close to my own. This happens when our feelings and emotions are not validated in childhood so we push them away as a survival technique.

Anyway I have put a link in here and I hope it helps you. x

Most people have pride, ego and such like emotions and it can be hard to talk about feelings. You might like to keep a journal that keeps you going and allows you to look back.

This is literally how im feeling right now, completely devoid of any enjoyment even of things ive done for a long time, getting through the day is just a chore, my work has a mental health support scheme and im waiting to hear back from counselling and i post alot on their interal facebook type site that has a mental health group as i am finding talking helps but ive also found that focusing on it more is leading me from low to random bursts of being emotionally overwhelmed which im finding hard to control and hold back the tears, thats where the citalopram should help. I hope you find what you need and I will usually reply to any posts like this as I find the connection helpful.

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