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Constantly confused and feel like I'm losing my mind

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I've started feeling really confused for the past few weeks now, but now I feel it's getting the better of me. My brain is foggy and is always blank and I keep doubting myself. I really want to get better, but nothing seems to be working. I'm unemployed at the minute and have been for a while. I suffer from social anxiety and feel like it's getting worse because of this issue- I'm not able to talk to my family members much because of my blank mind. I feel so worried and frustrated and feel like I'm incompetent. I feel lost and not sure what to do everyday. Normally i am quite knowledgable with things but feel my knowledge is weakening. I feel so numb and empty. I keep reading up on things but really don't know what the problem is and always have a struggle about what to eat (as bizarre as it sounds!) I'm on citalopram at the minute and have heard herbs or brain supplements can help, but not sure if it's wise to take them. I really don't want my life to be like this!! I absolutely hate it.

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Try some brain exercises, like simple maths and saying the alphabet for animal/food and slowly, things like that and go onto more advanced stuff

OR enrol on online course, say Oplex Careers, they have good study material or Open University free online course

Work that brain,

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Hello Mk586 and welcome to this community. You are having a tough time at the moment and it is good that you are talking to us here.

You say you are on citalopram, I wonder how long you have been taking this? If only for a short while the confusion and fogginess may be a side effect of the medication.

It would not be recommended that you take any supplements before checking with your health professional or with a pharmacist.

Are you having any therapy e.g. CBT? If not when you have a check up it might be worth discussing any options of this nature. There are also some online therapies available through the NHS.

Our members here will share their journey and experience.

Please keep in touch and tell us how you are getting on.

Best Wishes

MAS Nurse & Moderator

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Mk586 in reply to MAS_Nurse

I used to take 10mg but the doctor increased my dose to 20mg a month ago. I've been feeling like this since September, but don't feel better. I don't have any therapy at the moment - I'm awaiting that.

Hello Mk

I have problems with memory and sometimes I use a where I use a substitute silly saying or a saying to associate to different things. I seems to work although given my age my memory is still bad, So my GP has looked into the problem

Explain how you feel to your GP.


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This may just be me being hyper aware because I was diagnosed with it, but I had similar symptoms when I was diagnosed with coeliac disease. Brain fog and depression is really common. Also problems eating.

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I feel you. I have taken every pyshcotic drug out there. I still feel this way. I don't want to leave my house. I have secluded myself from my friends. My family doesn't understand so Im left to fight this inner battle in my mind alone. Good luck try some other meds that are out there. Some work better than others. Have Hope! I know I it's easier said than done.

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