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My Gf of 6 years left me for another man

We have been dating for the last 6 years, and was planning to move in together and get married yet the very next day the told me she has someone else and is moving in with him, I am gutted I really do not know what to do its been this way for the last 2 months, I do not know what to do, I went insane and called her a couple of times she ignored all of my calls and all of my texts and social media I am so confused I do not know what to do any more she looks happy with him how and does not even seem to know I exist WTF, I do not understand this I really need help I am sad and depressed all day she cll me the other day and told me he does not satisfy her and only I made her orgasm she wants to have se but still live with the new guy am I stupid for considering this, is there something wrong with me I do not know what to do any more

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Hello Ichigo1982

Thank you for your post. It sounds like a really difficult time for you, it cannot be easy trying to cope with this situation.

This is a very supportive community and our very helpful members might have more advice or information for you. Do you have any family or friends that you can share some of these things with?

It may be worth having a talk with your doctor about the situation and how things are affecting you.

The Relate organisation may have more advice about relationships and the best way forward.

MIND may also offer you more support

The topics and pinned posts might also offer more information for you.

Do keep in touch and get back to us when you can.


Thank you brother for the advise, I will look into it, and yes it is very difficult and becomes more difficult when she calls me up saying she wants sex, Honestly I am not gay but I do not want to sleep with her, just the thought of her and him and yes she has told me how big he is and how he kisses her and it is so much better, I am begging to think that there is really something wrong with me and thats why she left.


I think you should thank your lucky stars that you DIDN'T walk down the aisle with her. So she cheated on you with someone else, and now she is cheating on him (well sort of) behind his back. So she is actually "wronging" (if that is a word) both of you!!...... Yuech!!

Imagine you had married her and this happened. What a messy business divorce is. I know, I have been through a divorce. Took me two minutes to get married (well not literally but you know what I mean), stayed with him 2 years before the problems began and SEVEN years before I eventually manage to get rid of him (apparently I wasnt enough???....although that's not what he was saying when I caught him out...Oh no....)

Don't let her use you for her own personal use (sex). If you do, you will hate yourself afterwards. Its one thing to dislike another person but even worse when you hate yourself. Keep your dignity now, keep your chin up keep your self-respect and tell her to "Jog On".



Thank u


I also think you have had a lucky escape. Don't go back, keep going forward. I would bet that she has cheated on you before and she is cheating or trying to cheat on this new guy. Now you know what she is..... Pam


Thanks Pam but I thought being a women u would be on her side thank you for all of ur support


Not all women are the same.....Same as not all men are cheating scumbags...There are some good ones out there!!... (Its finding them that's the problem... :-) )


Could not agree more


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