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Overwhelmed, in need of support and advice

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Hi everyone,

So I’m In need of encouragement, advice, support, and whatever else you can give me.

Today I found out that my job will be closing in about a month, and I am very unsure of what to do. I haven’t been in this situation before, and though the obvious answer may be “just find another job”, I somehow feel it’s not that easy or things won’t work out for me My mind is telling me that I won’t be able to find anything that makes me happy and I may as well quit altogether. Suicidal thoughts are creeping in, though not to be taken seriously, I feel as though my mind is trying to find a way out of the stress.

To top it all off I found out that my best friend is leaving for across the country, we are very close so I feel as if I’m losing someone. I have issues with abandonment so I’m not dealing with any of this well AT ALL.

I realize that things could be much worse but I’m in an incredibly dark place right now and I am in need of your help. I feel incredibly overwhelmed and I just need people to talk to right now..

Thank you all so much

5 Replies
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I hear you... I understand why you feel the way you do and I can empathise with you on many levels.. I'm pleased you recognise what your mind is telling you.. We have to Master our Minds and not let it Master us.. I would suggest to you to go on YouTube and listen to the teachings of Dr Wayne Dyer.. I have found these to be of upmost benefit in my situations..

When a negative thought pops in you can change it to positive.. For example if you hear... I won't be able to find a job.. You can then change it to.. I will be able to find a job... Maybe you could change your career even..

Daily affirmations help me.. I make my own up too .. Fascinating how in control we really are of our minds.. I may not have everything I want but I have everything I need.. I have a roof over my head.. I have food to eat.. I have water to drink.. I can breathe.. I am grateful for these..

As for your best friend leaving.. It will be a sudden change to your life I understand.. See the positives for them as they are moving because they want to.. They want to make changes in their life.. They can do whatever they want.. Plus you will be able to go visit them when they settle in.. How exciting for you as you get to have a mini vacation to a different area.. Plus you will have communication via the Internet so that is also a plus...

Find a hobby to concentrate on which you will enjoy..

I live by the mantra Be open to everything and attached to nothing...

Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude.. Write down 3 things you are grateful for..I bet you will be able to think of many more.. Write them down to.. Each day take a few moments to concentrate on this..

Remember your friend is in control of their life and can do anything they want.. Guess what ? So can you too.. Be pleased for them that they are taking action to improve their life.. ❤️

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Kevin87 in reply to Satsuma

Yeah I’m so happy for him, it’s really an amazing opportunity. In my conscious mind I’m so excited for him, but my anxiety is taking my I should be sad and feel loss.

I’m trying my best to feel in control right now but my mind keeps telling me that I won’t find anything and I’ll need to move home and such..essentially catastrophizing the situation

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Satsuma in reply to Kevin87

Reverse what your mind is telling you.. You can do this.. As for moving I would not personally make any decisions just now..

See your life as a success and enjoy the now, moment - concentrate on techniques to apply for a job interview - see yourself as a success! Do some research in companies you would like to apply to and go for it - jobs you would really like - be interested and they will be interested in you.

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Hello Kevin.

I'm sorry to hear that you may soon loose your job and can understand how you are feeling.

I was made redundant in 2004 after working for the same company for more than 20 years. The thought of looking for another job filled me with dread. But I turned things around and (with a lot of effort) saw this as a challenge. I moved house and area and, after a while, found another job that I really loved. The pay, although not as much, was enough to live on and I thrived there and over time have built a new life here.

At the moment you still have your job, if you do loose it try to view it as a challenge and the chance to start something new. You may find,like I did, that this could be the start of something better.

I wish you all the best for your future.

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