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I made an appointment to talk about medications for my anxiety and depression. This will be my first time saying out loud to a professional that I am interested in trying medications. Does anyone have any advice as I go down this road, including questions I should ask or topics I should address, things to know along the way etc? I'm a little nervous. I've been getting counseling for a few years now and it definitely has helped but I think I need more than coping skills. I meditate, practice yoga, eat fairy healthy etc, but I just think I need something to help level the playing field you know?

5 Replies

Hi there it’s a difficult one, I have been on antidepressants all my adult life once you start it’s hard to stop. If you do go on something ask for the mildest you can get to start. Also make sure you are currently resting enough. I wish you well.

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I'm guessing you will be offered a SSRI probably sertraline or citalopram.

Be aware that some people have problems coming off them.

There is the risk of sexual dysfunction while taking them, and for some people there may be permanent damage to sexual function even after stopping. (Some meds like Mirtazapine are thought to have lower risk of causing sexual problems.)

Some people report that long term use of SSRIs will blunt your emotions.

They may of course work well for you with only minimal side effects. It's a matter of individual response.


Try meds they are ok 7 yrs Zoloft and not a med person but to survive 75 mg day of Zoloft is harmless


Hello, when seeing a therapist or psychiatrist most times they will medicate you. I tried 5 different kinds of ssri anti depressants, all meds i have taken had bad side affects within days. I refuse to tolerate it for 4 to 6 week as they say. I will not. I'm trying until one will have very minimal effects with me. I can relate with you tried all the natural way to overcome, exerice, meditate, mindfullnes, cbt etc. but it's so hard to maintain it consistently. I've been told to make lifestyle changes. I wish I didn't have to work. Having to work is the stress and main cause. But in this life it's a must to work. How our we going to survive to pay our bills. As we get older dealing anxiety and depression it gets harder if not managed, But we can't give up.


How did the appointment go?


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