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I have been off work for almost 6 weeks with depression and stress because of work problems. I know that I will need to go back to work soon but my union don't want me to go until there is a new job for me so what do I do.

1) Do I go back to keep my family happy and risk ending up back at square one and being off again.

2 ) Wait until the new job comes which should hopefully be soon allowing me to start-a-fresh.

I am beginning to think I'm losing vale as being off work for so long is this right or silly of me to feel this way?


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  • Do you have an Occupational Health department?

  • Yes they wanted me to get a new position, I could contact my consultant I didn't think of that thanks

  • You're welcome. :)

    Good plan.

  • Hi, I think when it comes to depression we have to get things right in our lives. For example, I have a stressful job right now and it is getting me down a bit, plus doing extra work on the side. I absolutely LOVE to work full time and earn the money and to know I deserve it. But right now I am struggling a bit, and that's because the job is stressful.

    I think you shouldn't force yourself to please your family. At the end of the day, if they don't suffer from it, how can they understand it? You need to do what's best for you and perhaps the old job role really wasn't any good for you if you've had to take time off?

    I agree that a fresh start in a new role will be good for you. Don't worry about being out of routine, things come back more quickly than you think.

    All the best xx

  • I think you're right thanks I appreciate your help. Hop things work out for you too.

  • My advice is don't leave, not yet. Depression can get worse and the stress of then being unemployed with no income can worsen symptoms. Stay off work and don't go back until you are feeling better, eat well and rest and exercise. Look for other jobs but depression can follow you so be mindful of that. I dipped into severe suicidal depression when I left work and just wished I had gone sick until I was through it. That's just my experience. Work is really helpful for structure and distraction , it actually is a tool which helps us recover so have it on the back burner. Don't feel pressured by hr etc, just focus on your illness and how to help yourself get through it and receiver. Hope that helps xxx a counseller has helped me remain in work as I did get another job but it's very hard to keep functioning. But I know it's helping xxx

  • Thankyou for your kind words it was nice of you and I appreciate it. I'm seeing my doc Monday so see what she says. I'm going to concentrate on my writing for a while. Hope things are good for you now.


  • hi russell i was were you were a while back as i had a brain haemorage and for 5 months after that.i couldnt.work they found a wee job for me and i only work 4 days a week mon,tues - thur and fri i started back on reduced hours and built.them back up to 8 hrs a day.! it would be worth approaching you employer to see if they could doe something similar for you take care and i wish you all the best david !

  • Thanks David I think that may be an option for me. I hope that you are feeling better you're problem was worse than mine so you did well to get over it.

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