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Binge drinking Trigger Warning

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today my mental health has been at its worst and I am struggle to keep the thirst away , and it’s making me loose my mind .

Struggled from a young age and was just wondering how others have got through the stage of feeling the need and wanting alcohol .

I no if I go out it will end bad .

Sorry if I trigger anyone , just really wanted to get it if my chest.

My dearest and nearest don’t understand the struggle .

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hi sorry that your facing this struggle been there a few times.when my son died I had the best of both worlds for nearly 9 year drink/drugs.i gave up drugs in 08 and limited my alcohol very much.when my mum died 09 I went on a bender with the drink again.i met my dads friend and he said go on a bender for a few weeks then let it go and that's what I did.when it was my dad I drank one day and that was that.alcohol is ok in moderation but to me its poison it never makes you better and the effects in my body/head linger for days and that's enough for me to watch what im doing.

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J-k-a in reply to kenster1

Thankyou for sharing that with me .

I couldn’t imagine loosing my daughter, sorry to hear that .

I no what you mean , I just can’t find anything to stop this feeling my mouth is water just thinking about it . The thing is where I’m up and down with my mood , I don’t recognise the effect afterwords .

Wish I did , I’m receiving help but I’ve been to 5 sessions and don’t feel I’m gaining I thought it would help me understand why I binged /binge but it’s kinda left me feeling lost and wanting it more ..

and your right their ,it is poison .

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usually we find a reason and excuse to drink pressure of work relationships work things like reality that's the reasons not to will take over eventually for my brother its probably to late to come back.the positives in not binge drinking always outweigh the reason for doing so.hope you can deal with it the sessions will work it takes time.

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I would say my mum is an alcoholic , So I really don’t no why I do it ,guess it’s a comfort zone ..

I really hope they do just needs to get through the weekend 😑.

Thankyou for adive means a lot.

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hey no worries my brother is the same my uncle died through drink.ive had my problems as well.strange knowing what its done to our family members it should put us off you encourage your mum to give up or receive help.maybe you could do it together.

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It is Very strange, knowing how it made me feel watching her now I’m doing the same .. my mum has had help in the past she never stuck to it , or she’ll say she’s stopped ,then I’ll see a hidden bottle.. I’ve tried , she’s alway got an excuse.

Hopefully if i stick to no drinking she may follow suit or that maybe wishful thinking .

I haven’t really spoken to her the past two weeks she’s been on a bender and it triggers me so I’ve stayed away.

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kenster1 in reply to J-k-a

hopefully when she sees you trying and the difference its making for you she can follow suit.its hard going.i gave up taking drugs over night by myself but drink is harder.i only drink every few weeks now never touch anything but a few body couldn't handle anything else.

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J-k-a in reply to kenster1

Hopefully ..

That is good , I hope I can give the same advice in the future .

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kenster1 in reply to J-k-a

fingers crossed you could be a great inspiration.take care.

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J-k-a in reply to kenster1

Aww that really caught me then 😪.. you too.x


Sorry to hear you’re at a low just now.

I was recently diagnosed with BPD too, although I suffered with it most of my life.

It’s difficult for people to understand how we are driven to do what we do to cope, and what we do just scares and upsets them. Especially as they are often in denial about us being ill.

Has anything in particular triggered you?

Best things I find to stop me using “bad coping methods” are understanding what's upset me, vigorous exercise or a cuddle with a pet or a human.

I’ve also got a m8 with BPD and it’s great to just chat with someone who understands, he talked me into getting help. Message me if you want.

It’s good you’re getting therapy, stick with it.

Take care

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J-k-a in reply to Fumble

As crazy as it sounds , I wish I had depression again having B.P.D is full of mixed emotions that is really hard to understand . In my head it feels like a car going 100ph but slow on the outside . The tablets help a little or suppress them but it’s still crazy . I was diagnosed properly about a year ago , I agree my bad coping mechanisms is drink amongst other things .

I wish I could have a cuddle my brain just goes in to flight mode . Push people away so I’m not disappointed if they leave.

I agree with them not understanding .

I’m waiting to have M.b.t or d.b.t hopefully that type of therapy will help..


Same to you ☺️

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Fumble in reply to J-k-a

Yeah it's quite a roller coaster ride. Some days I put on my favourite music that i'm always listening to and just burst into tears. A few days later and I don't even like it any more.

I know what you mean about the world going so slowly compared to your head. Think that used to be one of the reasons I liked to drink, to slow my head down, or not notice. Now I try to use it to get things done.

Relationships are very difficult, I had very few that lasted more than a week or 2 when I was young. But they can work, I've been with someone for over 20 years now. Although I hid my self harming until very recently.

You're doing the right things and seeking the right help, you'll get through it.

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J-k-a in reply to Fumble

I hear you , it sure is .

I often listen to up beat music well feeling this way , I have cried to that also 🙈..

I’ve been flat out this week just to try to slow it down , and be able to sleep . But the nightmares still arrive .

It’s comforting to no , hopefully I’ll find some to whom I can spend my life with .

Thank you so much for telling me your experience and how you dealt /dealing with .

Mean a lot

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