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its okay to not always feel positive emotions? especially when depressed


why is it when people get really depressed, handling all relationships is hard with everyone especially family, significant other, friends etc. is it because of low mood and does it usually come back, not being happy doing the things i used to do is hard and feeling low on love is a big struggle

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Hello. I didn't tell anyone, except for my husband , that I was diagnosed with depression. I felt like people would be watching me/walking on egg shells around me. It put an extra burden on me, but for the most part I could handle it. On days that were really bad I could hardly move anyway so I would just sit. I can't tell you what I thought about. I was immobilized and blank. On better days I wasn't expecting happy I was looking for peace. I mostly have it now and with some happy days and rarely some dark days. It's taken some time and effort to get here.I think you have to be kind to your self and realistic in your expectations . Several life events happened to me all at once, and it was more than I could cope with. So I guess it could happen again, however , I am stronger now and try to live in the moment. Pam

Hi it's not a question of being okay or not but how you are feeling. We all get down sometimes and think negative thoughts coz we are human beings. I think the main difference is that those without depression tend to have better self esteem and have more coping strategies than we do and of course they don't get the dratted depression thoughts pulling them down x


When we are depressed our sense of reality can be slightly off and I suspect we are somewhat hyper sensitive. That can make us walk on eggshells and cause others to do the same. From my experience some people are very nervous about saying the wrong thing they stay away.

Even taking anti-depressants, I still have bouts of debilitating depression. I'm not a doctor, obviously, but, I do know how depression affects me, which is different from how it affects my daughter and son. My daughter has seasonal depression. My son's depression hit him after an ugly divorce and he began to abuse alcohol and drugs. His, in my opinion, is drug-induced mostly. When I do have those bouts, it's because something has happened in my life that no medication is going to make me feel better. It's like carrying around a 1,000-pound weight. The effects hang on even after the depression is gone. Like, being very tired, aching, low self-esteem. That goes away after a few days. My medication helps me with clinical depression. It sucks. Most of the time, though, as long as I take my Celexa like I'm supposed to, I do all the things I normally do. I'm very artsy/craftsy and create pieces of work that I sell. Being depressed doesn't make you a lesser person. My daughter's depression goes away and she doesn't take meds. I don't know if that helps or was informative. I hope it helped some. Everybody is different.

I just said this to my counselor why aren't I Entitled to have the same feelings and reactions as other people just because I feel and process them differently?

You worried about you that's all you can do

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