Feel like it's going to be a bad day. But want to be positive, any ideas of how I can be?

Well here's to another early start to the day, been awake since half 5. But it's definitely an achievement to be able to get out of bed, even when I just wanted to cry. Down side is, I think it's going to be a day when I have to use my stick or atleast one of my crutches, thanks to my pains. The sooner this referral with the consultant comes through the better, although I do wish I was still in bed.

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  • Like you said you got out of bed, that's good. Is there a way you could plan yourself a reward /treat at the end of the day? Whether it's a relaxing bath or calling a friend, reading a new book, watching your favourite film? Perhaps if you know you have that to look forward to it will make the rest of the day seem more positive?

  • I'll give it a go. Just finding things hard, as my health is just going down hill quicker that we expected and with 2 boys it's hard work.

  • Is your stick a cane ? I have several, I make them part of my fashion statement. I have a wedding stick, white with a little gold and lace, a black stick with red and yellow polka dots. I use scraps and sharpies. They make me feel good and no one feels sorry for me , they just think I'm a nut. Sing, it's hard to be negative when your singing. Pam

  • Think I might do that. I've got 2 sets of crutches, 1 walking stick but got 2 more being delivered Friday, so might have enjoyed to get decorating them

  • Keep strong, I got up this morning and went fir a walk, but it sounds like that you would struggle with that, maybe just bring outside would help, a good book, a funny film, tc x

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