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Have i forgotten how to feel emotions?


When im emotionally numb, I feel like I has forgotten how to feel my feelings. Im scared I can't feel genuinely happy or don't mean it when i say i love you. Im scared I've forgotten what love or any emotion is.

Is this normal for any mental health problems?

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Not possible Lindsey. You were taught emotions within the first 3 years of your life, the most important, formative years. Emotions are not forgotten however can be temporarily masked by feelings of depression.

Lindsey14 in reply to Hidden

That makes sense!

Lindsey14 in reply to Hidden

Im scared i have forgotten how to feel love, is that possible to be numb too?

That’s what happens to me when my depression gets really bad, like right now. And it’s so strange because this has happened to me a few times but every time it happens I always forget that I’ve pulled through it before. I’m constantly like “oh no I’ve lost my emotions forever, I’ll never be better or feel again”

Lindsey14 in reply to laurenlynn

Literally same

So yeah, I’m sorry I don’t have advice but you aren’t alone 💙

Hi lindsay your in the phase of feeling no emotions like I said in the last reply it's the dis-ease you are at you forget things dont feel things but when you do and you will feel normal again your feelings will come back.you might go in the dip and feel like it a few times but you keep going and telling yourself you will feel again unfortunately like all who suffer we are all on our own new journey of learning how to cope with the dis-ease we get when the brain fog comes.the main thing is that you can recognise this is happening so you are aware.learning about what's happening self help is good.

To have few emotions can mean you have been damaged in some way by others attitudes towards you, you need to understand be yourself, walk away from those who have hurt you.

How can we help


Gosh dammit, you hit the nail on the head there. I feel the exact same way at times, though I'm so busy distracting myself I don't notice it until it gets really bad. It's definately normal; I had another friend who was emotionally numb all the time.

Its horrible, i feel like a bad person

You're definitely not a bad person for feeling this way. I often repress lots of emotion as a way to cope, not to intentionally hurt others. There isn't anything wrong with you for not feeling "adequate" amounts of an emotion since everyone reacts differently to their triggers.

It just fuels my thoughts that tell me I'm crazy

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