Please any advice on how to get though ending/ starting a new antidpressant

PLEASE PLEASE any advice on how to get though starting on a new antidpressant Iv reduced from 200mg sertraline now on 75mg venlofaxtine ( with the supervision of my doctor ) I v been crying today ( which I don't normally cry as the antidpressant blocks it ) I just feel REALLY REALLY depressed and so very low, it's so VERY hard to go out the bed, the last few weeks at least one day a week not getting out the bed at all ( please belive me it's not though lazyness ) Please anyone felt this way or give advice id be so VERT GRATEFUL X

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  • Hi

    So sorry you're feeling like this. Have you got Diazepam to tide you over until your new meds kick in?

    When I feel really bad, I drag myself out of bed so I can at least watch the telly for a distraction...

    Take care xxxx

  • Thank you Anna I need all the help I can get at the moment, diazpam are getting me though, but not making me feel any better like they usually do, that's how low I feel, thank you, hope your ok x

  • Hi there and I'm really sorry that your going through such a tough time,

    Starting one antidepressant and finishing another is always very tough and

    It can seem like never ending hell.

    I have been through this time of not being able to manage to get out of bed,

    And it's so hard. The only consolation I can offer is to be really kind to yourself,

    Try not to expect anything from yourself, don't put. Pressure on yourself to be

    Able to do things, try not to feel guilty as its not your fault.

    I think the is the only thing that will help and be really kind to yourself.


  • THANK YOU so very much that really does mean a lot, I will message you again when feeling better but at the moment the only thing I have is hope and thank god good people on her, thank you x

  • What a lovely reply thank you, I read this everyday, ( (few times ) to keep me going and to try stop me feeling guilty just sleeping all the time, had an emergency appointment with my GP today and she said there was nothing she could do its the changing from one antidpressant to another so if it means sleeping that's what I have to do, I just don't think it's normal to go to bed and sleep all these hours, ( also like every year I'm dreading Christmas and hate it ) I was out my mind worrying how I am going to get though the build up to Christmas exspaecilly the shopping, now it's made it 100 times worse for me. Thank you for being so understanding it means so much x

  • Hope you are feeling ok,

  • Hi Sandraan so sorry you have had a bad time but once the venlofaxine has got into your system you will start to feel better. The worst thing for me is to stay in bed as it makes me feel worse so I get up at 7 45 and go to my daughters and help with the twins who are 2 while she takes boys to school. I feel so tired but it helps. I cry a lot when depressed but never cry when I am ok. I have had to cancel quite a few social things as I don't feel up to going. I only stay local and haven't been very far. Everything is an effort. Ask your Doctor for Diazapan it's Valium and they don't like giving it but it calms you down. My doctor saw me in such a state once that he gave me them. I had a major bowel operation and it was nothing compared to depression.Ruby Wax is very good for promoting how many sufferers there are. I keep saying I will feel better and start to enjoy life. The way I feel at moment Xmas can sod off!! Take care big hugs. Lin x

  • Thank you Lin, just have to charge my phone, then il get back to you, unless you go to bed early ? Il catch up with you tomorrow x

  • hi sandraan you must be in a world where you think its not possibly to be in, its hard when you coming of one drug to another the side effects are worse than talking the tablets, your world must be up side down at the moment but i'm glad your doctor is with you so to speak, please take care remember i'm always here for you no matter what its for, i'm always here for you take care my special friend Alan xx

  • Thank you Allan it really helps me to battle on when I know people like yourself understand me, thank you

  • hi sandraan i'm here for you 24/7 365 days night and day plus the fact i know what your going though your most welcome anytime Alan xx

  • So very very kind and caring of you Allan, hope your feeling better yourself

  • hi sandraan how are you today any better, i'm a lot better than yesterday, and i hope your a lot better as well take care speak to you soon your friend Alan xx

  • Thank you, speak to you in a bit

  • hi there sandraan i hope your feeling better tonight than last night, i was thinking about you all last night take care your friend Alan xx

  • Hi Sandraan

    So sorry you are feeling bad. I really hope it feel a better today. Wish I could do something to help!! Keep us posted on how you are. xxx

  • Thank you so much it's so very kind of you, I need all the support i can right now, I really am struggling im not waking up of a morning, then just feel frozen and unable to get out of bed, then it looks like your just being lazy and don't want to get up, but it's much more than that, it's awful,thank you so very much it means so much xx

  • Hi Sandraan. You are most welcome. Wish there was something I could do, but I am here anytime. Sending hugsxxx

  • Really appreciate that poppy girl it's lovely relays like yours that keeps me battling on, im going though the hardest days and your hugs carry me though, THANK YOU poppy girl it means so much xx

  • hi, Sorry to hear you are still having problems. Not sure if anyone has suggested this , but could you book a phone meeting with your doctor to see if there is anything they can do to help you. I had problems changing medication so I had call appointments with my doctor to ensure that I was coping with the change over.

    Take care and I hope you are feeling better soon.

  • Hi, thank you, I did ring the doctors 5.15pm on Friday evening, and told the receptionist how bad I was feeling ( was crying ) she had no appointments until Wednesday, but when she heard how bad I was she booked me in for Monday, ( I told her I'm pre menapores and no one is listening to me ) (because my blood test are coming back normal ) she had pitty on me as she is in the menapores and " all over the place " but no my surgery don't do calls, can I be honest with you, ( Iv a new really supportive and caring LADY doctor ) but I knew what she's going to say ""your just in to your second week of venlafaxine, you will just have to persuavere until this new antidpressant kick in "" she did say however last week there is nothing to say a hundred percent that women are/ not in the menapores, doctors only know if women are period free for a year !!! She is TRYING to do all she can to help, but as she said ""there is just no help for people out there with mental health"" Iam just so VERY tied all the time,Friday I never woken up till 5pm when I saw the time I just sobbed, this really isn't natural !!! I have to force ( I mean force ) myself out the bed, it's such an awful feeling. So very grateful for your support I so very need it right now, just knowning people on here have felt the way I do, gives me so much support and comfort, THANK YOU XX

  • I've done that, slept for 3 days once, only getting up for a drink of water and to use the bathroom. I know how horrible it is to go through it. I know it might not be helpful at the moment, but keep taking the tablets, eat when you can and make sure you stay hydrated. I know that my body was sleeping so much cause it was healing and once my medication was settled I didn't need so much sleep. I was given sleeping tablets by my doctor at on stage to allow me to sleep cause I was crying all the time and having really bad nightmares and I'd never had suffered from nightmares that bad before. I had 2 weeks of sleeping tablets, but only took them for a week as I started to feel like I could cope better. I know treatment is different for each person and I hope your doctor can provide you with the treatment you need.

    Stick in there you will get there. I thought I'd never be able to climb out the pit I was in, but with help I am getting there. I even now know if I do slip back a little I can and will be able to keep progressing.

    Take care and I hope all goes well on Monday.

  • Thank you, always makes me feel so much better when people have experienced what am going though and they know how awful it is, and thank you so much for keeping me positive I really do appreciate it, this site and kind, caring people like you REALLY do help me, exspaecilly at this time, hope your ok x

  • Yes, I was really glad when I found this site it has helped a lot.

    Take care.

  • Hi Sandraan

    How are you feeling today? x

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