I just can't beat this fear

I v got up and out this morning but the fear is unable ( sorry that's why I have come on here ) I'm just so afraid of how am I going to get through life like this unable to do everyday tasks ( of course I don't want to be like. This if I could do it I would ) the fear drowns me as much as I try ( and God do I try ) I just can't beat this I'm so frightened xxx ( so sorry to keep repeating the same feelings ). Xx

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  • Hi Sandraan you won't be like this for the rest of your life so don't assume it. With treatment and in time you will be feeling a lot better. But it will take time.

    Stop looking so far ahead and just deal with the day in front of you minute by minute. You need to take steps to stop this cycle of worring about the present, worrying about the future etc. as you are scaring yourself silly. Every time a thought about the future comes into your head consciously interrupt it with 'Stop that silly billy' :) and replace it with thinking about the next minute. That is the catchphrase I have given you ok? Now practise saying 'Stop that silly billy' and say 'I am only concentrating on the next minute or so'. It is hard at first but perservere and it will become easier.

    An example of this is when trying to stop a dog continually barking (not that I am saying you are a dog :) ) you constantly interrupt the barking and the dog eventually stops it.. You know that to be true don't you? Well it's the same principle with people. Interrupt the cycle and concentrate only on the here and now.

    Think through what you are going to do first ie put the kettle on and make a drink. Then the next step - make breakfast. Break the day down into small manageable tasks one by one. Every time you find your mind wandering ahead of yourself consciously stop it.

    I hope this helps love. Hugs Bev xx

  • Bev Iv just wrote a long reply to you, don't know we're it's gone !!!! Your text is exactly right your so very good with words and I'm so. Very grateful for your caring and support this is the hardest time of my life (SO THANK YOU ) I have got to do as you say, I'm constantly beating (persecuting )myself with what I can not do, that makes me feel so bad ( I couldn't find the words to describe just how bad ) but what you have said is correct and the diffence I felt after reading your message, just knowing your there brings me so much comfort, you have calmed me right down THANK YOU XX

  • You are welcome love. Another thing you can do is concentrate on what you can do rather than what you can't. So when you achieve something praise yourself instead. So if you beat yourself up for not getting out of bed earlier, follow it up with I'm proud of myself for getting out of bed at all. Follow a negative thought with a positive one. Make a conscious effort to do this and it becomes a habit after a while. I do this all the time now without even noticing and feel much better for it. Lots of hugs. Bev xx

  • Hi Sandraan, you are seeing fear as a bad thing and its overtaking all of your emotions, causing havoc.

    Fear is a good emotion, it makes us avoid walking into danger, takes us to the doctor if we feel pain, protects us from a thousand upsetting situations. It's something to be embraced , so maybe try feeling and acknowledging that fear without being scared of fear itself, and at the same time asking yourself, what is the worst that could happen if I do this particular task, take that step outside , take the fear with you but at the same time tell yourself you are going to be o.k. and know you have a lot of inner strength x

    Sometimes it's good to remind ourselves of our strengths and build on them, you are the same as everyone, in that you have many, but can sometimes dismiss them as if you shouldn't praise yourself, rather than remind yourself at how good you are at certain things and qualities.

    There is a lovely quote from Albert Einstein "everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life feeling stupid".

    Don't convince yourself that you can't live your life just as you want to, no one will ever say it is easy, but everyone will say it's worth it, Sometimes just being outdoors feeling the sun on your skin and asking yourself in that moment if you are afraid can help it melt into the background, and if it doesn't, make sure it's not telling you to avoid falling in that ditch 😊

    Take care and lots of hugs, Moni x

  • Thank you so very much moni I really appreacite you taking the time to read and reply to me, it means so much thank you, hope your ok x

  • hay sandra you will never drown in fear you have some wonderful friend to help you, please don't be frightened we all need a shoulder to learn on and i'm here for you anytime take care my friend see you in a bit your friend Alan xx

  • Your so very kind thank you x

  • your very welcome anytime Alan xx

  • when you feel panic....repeat to yourself........

    ''I am happy, I am happy, I am happy, I am happy''.....and you will be........

    you keep writing of panic and that is what you will get....

    be careful of the words you speak and write for they are creating your future....

    you mention God.....well, ''I am'' is a name of God

    and when you say ''I am''...you are calling to God ....by calling the name of God, I am,

    and then to follow the name of God with Happy, is to state what you want from God!

    so, if you say ''I am panicking'' you are creating more of the same!.....you have to look back very far to see when you planted that word seed that has now grown into the life you are now experiencing.

    Have faith that you are now going to plant new word seeds into your new life experience.....

    and as with all seeds, they need to be watered with other good thoughts, more love and good actions....

    or else you are just planting more weed words ...such as you are experiencing now!

    In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray for you to have a peaceful night and wake up refreshed and start your day, planting word seeds of love and happiness

    ....you will reap a good harvest when you start planting now.....

    the sooner the better.

    Thank Jesus for his help and speed up the growing process....

    this is now down to your Faith sweet child of God


  • Thank you x

  • I'm so sorry you feel so bad, I truely relate to those feelings. It's not something we can control is it. It just envelopes you and sucks you dry!! I take a day at a time and try not to look to far ahead, but that's not easy! I expect you feel alone and like me feel like your going mad. But your not, your living to the best of your ability. Sometimes we can be hard on ourselves. I know I expect to much of myself. Take small steps, treat yourself and know your not alone. Life is hard and can be scary!! Fear is overpowering and I know many people of all ages who feel like us. Keep posting your feelings on here, we all are here to help and support you. Best wishes. I really hope you have a nice evening. Love and hugs! Elaine xxxx

  • Thank you so very much Elaine ( I really mean that ) you messages brings so much comfort and you understand so much thank you xx

  • That's ok, I'm always here if you need to vent. I get fearful to and I hate feeling so lonely. But it helps when we can talk to people who understand doesn't it. I'm thinking of you and really hope you feel stronger soon and get all the support you deserve. Love and hugs xx xx

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