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Please read this!


I just wanted to share this app for people like me who struggle during darker times, this app is called Calm Harm, completely free on the App Store for Apple and I think android! This app is to help when you need it! It has activities for you to do when you feel at your worst! Whether it’s to calm down, distract or relax! It helps! I used it a lot over this Christmas period because it has been a tough time as much as it’s been amazing! Please look into this if you feel it may help! Also spread the word about it to people who also may need it! I didn’t know it existed and I wish it got more attention because it truly deserves it! Below is a screenshot of what the app is like!

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Thank you

You’re welcome!

Hello Jevs98 and thank you for sharing this. It's great that it helped you over the Christmas period. It's worth remembering however that such apps are a good aid, but in some circumstances will not be sufficient and cannot replace professional help. Keep well and best wishes.

This may help over short term, however you will possibly need help from your GP or CPN


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