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I don’t even know what to call this


Quick update had a tattoo done in honour of my grandma, hopefully the photo will attach very in love with it and I still cry when i see it, but this post isn’t just about that, mental health for me has taken a turn down, on stronger antidepressants and anti anxiety tablets, I now see my doctor every month, been recommended to talking therapies but I’m too scared to reach out, and I’ve been told I have seasonal adjustment disorder or SAD didn’t know that was a thing so I now own a SAD light which helps, like having a little sun in my room, university is stressing me out a lot lately, I struggle to get my assignments done or even find the motivation to do them, I get them in and hope they pass but I’m just finding it hard to keep my head down,

I’m sorry this seems like a massive rant to whoever will read it, just finding life difficult at the moment and I’m fed up of always being down all the time, all other 20+ year olds I know are living life without a care in the world but I jus that’s too much care I suppose

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Consider most people go through periods of low mood, the thing is we do not generally find out. We cannot walk in an others shoes.

You have gone through a loss of someone close and you have been brave enough to get yourself a tattoo with your Grandmas name embossed on your arm, no wonder you feel weepy and upset you are broadcasting your feelings, to those around you. Now you need to adapt yourself to Her memory and move on

Do you have family you can talk to, you need to move on now and relate, understand life is for the living, not the dead. Granted you will need to pull yourself around although you need to now concentrate upon what your life has waiting for you.

I found my College education hard and I could not settle to the twelve examinations I had to take. It was not the best place for me as I was beginning to question my future plans.

I was unsettled on a course that had no easy answers, however later in my life I entered a occupation that was wrong for me and I knew that at thirty when I passed Youth and Community Papers. Although I still worked in my chosen work pathway

Remember, if College and Uni were easy, everyone would be taking the same examinations. Study is never easy, we have to concentrate on our ways forward. Life is never easy and when studying there are many distractions that await everyone who should be knuckle down to a mass of work we all have to concentrate on

Give yourself time to relax as well as study, do not cram. Regards assignments do not cram and allow yourself time to boost your batteries. My examinations were mostly Mathematics and Science with Physics, in other words all Mathematics, I became stale, and I left college and attended at Night class. I found I was being to critical of my education and that was my error.

You need to be able to walk away and relax sometimes, then go back and study after regular breaks. Stop worrying you need to enjoy the challenge to get were you want to be


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