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Feeling like I annoy everyone I try to talk to...

Why do I always feel as though I'm being annoying when I try to converse with other people? Do any of you feel the same way? Like you read too much into what someone says and take their words in a harsh tone, even though we shouldn't try to read text into tone. I just feel like a bother to everyone and it makes me want to continue isolating myself. :(

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I feel that way right now. I'm going through a tough time but I have been avoiding my family (mom and two sisters) because I feel like I talk too much about my own problems and don't listen to them. I don't want to bother them. That is why I am on this site and go to support groups.


I feel like I do the same, talk to much about my own problems to my best friend, though I do listen to her not all of it sticks because of my bad memory. I try to help her out when she needs it but I don't always have answers or know what exactly to say which makes me feel like a crappy friend.

I may not know you, but if you ever need to vent to anyone, I'm here for you. I hope you find some peace of mind, Marshall.


That is nice of you to offer. Yeah, I have a problem with memory too so I feel bad when somebody has to repeat details about their problem.

As far as your friend, don't worry about having answers. There is a book called Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus. It says that a woman will talk to their male spouse about their problem and the man feels like he has to fix it (we are logical and since you came to us you must want it fixed). Instead of trying to fix it, the male should just listen with interest. A lot of women will fill figure out a solution themselves by talking it out. If not, just having someone to listen will help. I know you are not a male but I think it still applies.

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I think it's great you are so attuned to this difference in the sexes. I wish more men were like you. :) x


I'm trying to communicate with people more since my form of Autism usually leads me to isolate myself from everyone. I try my best, and am a good listener minus the crummy memory, but if you can handle that in a conversation I wouldn't mind trying to help out you or anyone for the fact, with whatever problems you're facing. I'll try my best.

I try not to worry, but that seems to be what I am made up of - I'm a worry wart. She doesn't expect me to have all of the answers and appreciates it when I do hear her out with what all she goes through, I just wish I could do more than just listen, you know? :/ I shall check out this book via Google. Thank you for the reference. :)


The book is really more for marital relationships. I was just trying to make a point that sometimes we don't need to solve a problem, we just need to listen.

I am a worrier too. I overthink everything. I'm worried about the future and have regrets about the past. I'm never in the moment and consequently I feel like life is passing me by..


Oh, I did not know. My apologies.

I know how you feel, Marshall. I do the same things, doing it right now. Today has been a real bummer and I fear that I just keep messing everything up in my life. Like it'll never end.


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