Feeling much different than everyone else

Usually I would post about anxiety, but lately been dealing with depression. I don't understand why I start feeling this way, bit I feel left out when I am in a group. Even for family gatherings I feel like whenever I say anything I get ignored. I feel lost and randomly get depressed when at gatherings or in groups. I am not into the whole smoking thing that many people my age are.. I dont understand why this happens :(

I feel like I belong in another generation. Anyone else deal with this?


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17 Replies

  • Yeah, I think that's a good description you make. I understand the feeling you describe; thank you.

  • hi katie. i know exactly what you mean and that feeling of being "left hanging " is horrible. all our words just left to fall on the ground no one picks up on anything that we say. iv always been the black sheep of my family. the last thing we say is left echoing in our ears. if i ever feel like this today i dont stay in that company. i dont go in family gatherings unless its a funeral as happend the last time our family got together and i just listen to them and let them rabbit on. my family are never in contact with me except to send me a xmas card once a year which annoys me. as i dont know why they bother.i can understand why your feeling depressed as anxiety usually goes with depression its just a feeling of there is something wrong with me as they were all friends and i was ignored i found out there is something wrong with them and i dont fit in, i'v always had a strong mind with my own ideas and never really fell in with the rest of the sheep.if someone is not interested in what i have to say i walk away as i find that the hight of ignorance. its good that your not into smoking and not just falling into the bad habits of the other sheep. have you ever thought that maybe you should be proud of yourself. i think you should and then you will start to build up your self esteem. at the end of the day its what we think of ourself that really matters. not what others think. , love grace xoxoxo

  • Grace,

    Yes you are right. This is how I have felt with so many people. Now because anxiety is better, depression is getting worse. I learned that it's okay to spend time alone too. I hope you are feeling well.


  • thanks katie i hope that things get better for you soon, its good news that your anxiety is better.all my love to you. grace xoxoxo

  • Anxiety usually leads on to depression which Ive had all my life.Depreession does make you feel you are all alone and left out but thats part of the illness.Thats why I withdraw from people as I become too sensitive and paranoid.Hope you start feeling better.take care

  • Aw Im sorry to hear that. Do you have a friend that you still speak to? I hope you are feeling ok!

  • Hiya Katie,I really only open up to my daughter as I find most women are bitchy.It doesnt matter how nice or pleasant you are to some people they can be so ignorant.You sound a lovely sensible girl so try not let people get to you,easier said than done.

  • Exactly. Its not really bitchiness so much, its just feeling ignored.

  • I understand exactly how you feel. All my life I could never fit in with my peers. Nobody even notices what I say or that I'm even there. Now that I'm in my 20s and like you say everyone in our age group are into smoking and getting high, that's become even more apparent because I don't do any of that. And I never and I still don't feel the need to. But it does seem like they are able to share similar stories and experiences that I can't. Maybe I'm just too different to go through the same avenues everyone else goes through as a part of their lives.

  • Yes. I feel like it is more than the fact that I dont smoke. I feel like I cant connect with people my age.

  • I know, I have the same problem. Maybe it's harder at our age cause people are so busy doing their own thing. or that we're just not meant to put in all that time and effort trying to connect with those people if we continually feel shut out by them. The chemistry has to be there; if it isn't then we're left feeling this way

  • I feel so depressed right now

  • I used to suffer the same I would end up in a dream sort of condition and I was egnored

    or left to my own devices. It gets better as you get older


  • Hi Katie I know the feeling well, but these last few days I have been feeling different more positive I dont know why. from a very young age I have felt more at ease with older people , I no longer go to family gatherings as I found those kind of gatherings just brought me down! Being alone is good but no matter what you do in life you still need human contact and not just on the net.I no longer try to please everyone either as that is counter productive you end up being used. People you feel ignore you or make you feel uncomfortable try to avoid . I hope you find the right people to have as friends and you find happiness

  • I feel more at ease with older people as well!

  • I hope you find the right people. I know how difficult it can be.But I know you shouldn't look to hard as that can lead to meeting the wrong kind of people I was lucky enough to meet people who although older were protective towards me.I ended up with a great relationship with a lady 25 years older than me and we were together for over 22 years.She left me because she thought I should be with someone younger?But I still love her and we are best friends I haven't bothered looking for someone else tbh.It would be difficult to find someone who I could love as much as my Mary and it would be unfair to anyone I did form a relationship with! I could not do that to anyone.

  • Katie , for me this is the reason I rarely open up to my family as I feel that way too. It's the depression making us think that way and how people really act to you when you are low. I rarely find anyone who understand depression can make you irritable and moody and the right words needed to encourage us back into a normal mode. Only those that have depression understand what we go through and how lonely we feel at times even in crowded rooms ...

    We are all in the one generation when it comes to depression x

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