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I feel like I've been doing this forever. *trigger warning*

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I had a really bad day at work today, everything that could have gone wrong went wrong.

I find life at home difficult cos my parents just don't understand what it's like to have depression despite me sitting and talking with them, giving them stuff to read and taking my dad along to therapy. I just need to move out so I can finish growing.

I deal with intrusive thoughts nearly everyday about self harm, and thinking something bads going to happen.

Some days I feel like my medications not working, I have to remind myself I have already taken it. My therapist is great, though I am mentally done after a session I just curl up into a ball.

If you have made it this far, thanks for reading really means a lot!

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You've got to repeat positive words and you have to see future for yourself. Small steps to get there motivational youtube videos/books

and self help courses.

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Thanks for having the courage to share in helping us to understand what it means to walk in your shoes. You are courageous in so many ways, thanks for the transparency of your post.

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Hey ur not alone, we may not be going through exactly what u are but many of us including myself are dealing daily with our stuff and its also really hard. Just know everyone here has ur back.

Have u thought about going to see your doc or a new one to maybe to reevaluate ur meds and ur current needs? A lot of times meds get used to ur system and start to work less or not at all.

Im sending u a huge hug because it sounds like u could use one. Plus.. who doesn't like a hug!?!?

Does music help??? I personally have found it to be helpful when sometimes I need to get out of my own head!

Keep us up on how ur doing :)

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Thanks hippolove1 I am due to see the doc in a couple of weeks I think, it's something I've been debating for a while, cos the last time we spoke like 2 months ago he didn't want to reduce my pills or try me on anything else.

Gladly accepted your hug, really means a lot:)

Yes quite often when I get these intrusive thoughts I will often put my headphones in it really helps

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U sound like ur in a better place my friend..please keep us all up on how u make out with ur doc appt.have ya thought about maybe writing stuff down ahead of time..kinda a cheat sheet that helps reduce anxiety n stress !?

Glad the music helps u too. :)

Maybe you should visit the Isha yoga centre. They have treated thousands of people with ailments like these. Google out for more info. I am not advertising them in any way. I had been suffering from chronic depression as well and through their yogic practices I feel real fine now!

Hope for your speedy recovery!

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