I don't feel like me

Hello, I just feel I need to talk to someone :( From the outside I have the perfect life. Lovely loving family, perfect husband, good upbringing, a job I've been doing years. Even though I have all this I feel sad on the inside. I just don't feel good enough for my life. I love my husband so much he is my dream! But I don't feel good enough to be his wife. I feel fat and ugly and no fun. He never gives me reason to feel this way, he's only ever lovely and loving and caring and saying nice things. No one has ever give me reason to think these things, no one has ever said anything bad. Just don't know what is wrong with me, I just want to enjoy my life and all the lovely things I have but the way I feel about myself stops me :( anyone know why I could be feeling this way? Or any advice? Or do you feel like this?

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  • Hi this could be depression. There are a few online depression tests which can give you a guide. If you think you are suffering from this then the best thing to do is see your doctor.

    Also have a look online at childhood emotional neglect as this is a lot more common that most people realise. I read it recently and it was a revelation and explained the root cause of my depression. There are self healing tips as well.

    I might be way off beam here but I always thought I had a pretty good upbringing ie I was well looked after physically, I was never physically abused etc. but I realised my emotional needs were never met which led to low self esteem and self worth. Understanding is a key to start healing.

  • Thank you for your fast reply. My upbringing was lovely very loved and supported to do and be who ever I wanted.

    I just feel like I've got everything I ever wanted but can't enjoy it because I don't feel good enough for it? Feel like my husband could do better, and find someone more fun and pretty.

    Could it be a past relationship that's made me feel like this?

    I will have a look at an online test now.

  • Hi Ella, I'm sorry to hear you don't feel like you. What you are feeling could be depression, I suggest you book an appointment with your GP and have a chat with him/her and tell them how you're feeling. How long have you been feeling this way? Your husband sounds like an understanding guy try to have a chat with him too and tell him how you feel. Everyone on here has similar thoughts and feelings to yourself, we all support each other and swap tips and advice. If its just a chat you want for now then please do pm me or any of the other people on here (they are all very good) we are more than happy to have a chat with you. Take care, and I hope this is of some use to you hun.

  • Hi you show some form of depression. You best see your doctor &they can give you the correct diagnosis. There is a herb called St. John's wort, it acts as a Antidepressent but if your doctor gives you any medicine for depression you cannot take it. . Sam

  • Hi, I have similar feelings to you although feel guilt about no longer wanting to be with someone who gives me nothing but love support and everything that many of my friends envy. Sounds like some counselling would help you to know that you do deserve all the good things and your husband sounds wonderful and supportive.

    Try and talk to him or to friends about your feelings if nothing else to help you work through your thoughts but don't do what I have done and push your partner away hoping that they give you an excuse to say your done. Although mine is stubborn and not giving in so I may have some hope of getting it back. I'm about to start some counselling to get my thoughts in order and get my life and fun back.

    Good luck on your journey.

  • Thank you all for replying and being so kind.

    I've also not been sleeping, when I get in to bed I just lie there thinking of things. Another thing that I do is over think everything and get upset over things that I shouldn't, I let things get to me and then I let them ruin times that should be happy.

    I don't really want to do to the doctors, is this just normal to feel like this?

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