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Rough time

Kind of a tough time for me I moved out of my house after my mother passed and I was very lucky to get a low income unit and a brand new apartment don't get me wrong I am so so lucky to be here but I am just surrounded by people that seem to be enjoying themselves couples young kids I'm 62 years old have suffered from social phobias and body dysmorphic disorder and it is just very hard for me to socialize I kind of wish I was in a senior home I'm 62 I try to go downstairs and mingle but it doesn't seem to work very very lonesome here

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Mike you are not alone. Although it feels that way. I wish I was your neighbor and we could hang out and talk. This will have to do. You’re in a new environment, as am I, and this feeling is adjustment and it will get better. I’m here with tears rolling down my cheeks and feeling so sad for no good reason (hormonal) and was thinking it’s when we are at our lowest that we feel unworthy of love, even though it’s the time we need it the most. At your age and mine we have had a lot of lows and know we will come through. It takes time to build relationships but you will. Envision that. Keep that space clear and open for that possibility. Loneliness is so painful and most of us know it so well. If you can keep writing here we will build a wall of friendship around you and walk with you through this. This place has powerful healing if you give it a chance.


Thank you for caring and for your response keep in touch so will I


I’m here and we’re here when you need a friend. Hope you’re feeling just a little bit stronger today.


Thank you


How are you Mike? I hope you’re feeling more at home. And grieving the loss of your Mom with the knowledge that it’s gonna take a very long time and won’t be easy but you are strong enough to get through it. She is guiding and protecting you now. There are steps to getting happier and healthier and know that you are on the right path. Loneliness is actually a positive emotion in that it’s a signal you want and need connection to others. The irony is, you’re not at all alone in your loneliness. Sending you my thoughts tonight and a big hug. Keep up the fight. Send out a note so we know you’re ok!


Thank you for your kind words I am still battling on even though it's not easy


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