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Hi. My name is Erica and I’m soon turning 16 (I don’t know if there’s a rule for how old you have to be to be here). I don’t know how this works, but I really want some advice. Srry if I’m to young to be here.

I struggle mentally, but have never gotten a “real” diagnosis. I used to talk to the school counselor and she said that I have anxiety. I am for the moment having a few appointments with the school nurse and she says I have depressions.

So, I’m just going to explain my situation and hope for some kind of something. Srry if this is “wrong” or “inappropriate” in some way. You can just ignore this if you want.

I tried to kill myself last Easter eve. I’m neither prod nor ashamed. My mother stopped me. Nothing happens after that and the only persons who know is me, mom, dad and some of my friends who have witnessed one of my breakdowns. We continued life as normal and don’t talk about it.

As I said. I have talked to the school counselor and nurse, but I haven’t said this. I want to go my 2 last years of school in Canada with UWC. I know that my mental health can be a problem and hinder it. That’s why I haven’t told the school nurse. I really NEED to talk about it, but I won’t risk my education.

Any advice on what’s best to do?

Sorry for grammar mistakes and/or any other wrong doings in this text

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Hello Erica, I am not aware of an age limit, and I don't mind anyway. I think it is good you want to talk about what is going on for you, and to carry on with your education. What was happening for you at Easter. I often think that self harm or wanting and trying to end your life are a symptom of what is going on inside, stuff that has been there for some time and you cannot hold on to or cannot keep at bay. I also think that us adults can miss why a young person is wanting to do these things and squash them because it is frightening and upsetting. You say you NEED to talk, and so you should. You can explore your thoughts here, or do you knowof someone you can talk openly with.

What would help you at the moment? Well done for being able to recognise what you need and be so intuitive about yourself.🌺


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