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End my life


Been so depressed for the last 10yr. Was accused and convicted of a crime I did not commit.around the same time my beautiful son took to hard drugs. He came to live with me in July 2014 and I watched him die on the 16th of Jan 2016. I was addmited to a mental health unit but discharged myself 10 days later. Now I feel so bad. I tried to hang myself but was disturbed. Since took an overdose ended up in hospital I am currently waiting to be admitted to a mental health hospital again. I struggle so much with finances that someone suggested I apply for PIP. I don't really know too much about this. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

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You have clearly been through hell; i lost my dad and partner in 2017, and understand what depression is like. When you go to the mental health unit, you should be able to apply for PIP in there; there would usually be a special office that deals with and helps with benefits and forms; they are well informed to be able to do the forms for you also; if you can, id perhaps wait until you get into the Unit; or if you know where you will be going, contact your mental health worker and make enquiries. Good luck to you, and sorry life has been so hard for you; you have my deepest empathy. xx

Welcome to this caring and supportive community. I was so sad to read your story, it has been such a difficult time for you as this is a very caring community I am sure some of the members can tell you about financial support. Also in the meantime I think it may benefit you to have a look around our 'Pinned posts' especially at the 'Crisis support helplines' and 'Community guidelines'. Depending on your age you could make a request for the paperwork to apply for Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Maybe one of the CPN (Community Psychiatric Nurses) would help you complete it.

The application form can be requested from the DWP (department for work and pensions) on the telephone number or website below. Good luck and best wishes.


Tel: claims form - 0800 917 2222 - Open times 8am until 6pm.

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Thank you for finding time to reply.God Bless.joseph.

Hi I am so sorry to hear of the death of your son and other things. Life hasn't been very kind to you for a while now. Your son would not want you to take your life surely? He would want you to be happy and live a full life wouldn't he?

Benefits you can claim. If you are on your own - housing benefit, council tax rebate.

Illness benefits - ESA and PIP. I presume you already get ESA? Pip stands for Personal Independence Payment. It is a stand alone benefit ie you can claim it whether you are working or not or on benefits or not. It is based not on what your illness is but how it affects you. It is not usually taxable and is not taken into account when working out your other benefits.

For further information and how to apply contact Gov.UK. Good luck. x

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Thank you

Ojay - not really got much to advise on PIP sorry, but I am so glad you got disturbed when you thought enough was enough! I'm a great advocate of the fact we all have something to live for, namely ourselves. I know from my own experience it's easy to hate yourself for the past, or in your case from the real shitty hand you've been dealt with over the last ten years.

Try the small steps scenario by dealing with one thing at a time, I.e. Sorting with benefits, then move on to the next step which you find relevant.

I would say maybe seeing a Doctor to discuss all this and try some professional counselling just to see if speaking out all the pain and frustration will help. Either way my friend keep focusing on the future and make yourself priority.

Please please try and tell yourself the truth that you are worth it so many ways. You can claim pip if you have a chronic physical or health problem that affects your ability in daily living. You must be honest in your form about how your illness affects you. Be clear and tell them u don't go out and find it difficult mixing with others if that is the case. I really feel for you but do u not think u have suffered enough. Your suicide may have been disturbed because it's not your time to leave us yet. Give yourself a break, claim benefit and that will help make things easier u may not need it forever....prayers and positivity your way xxxx(I'm not a bible basher but I've found prayer to be of use to me cuz I've been really desperate these past years. I suffer from extreme mood changing and have been stuck in my house for months, it gradually gets better then it comes back. Anti depressants don't work for me so my mum suggested me taking cod liver oil and 5-htp. I'm let u know if it helps me. I don't know you but I care massive. Take care

Hi Ojay I’m truly sorry all of that has happened to you. I don’t have advice but please don’t end your life. I pray you can get the best relief and happiness in your life again. ❤️☮️

Hello Ojay;

I am not a adviser on the course of PIP or whatever it is, apparently some other guys gave you a bunch of ways on this one, I am here to say condolences about your darling son, I'm truly sorry because of hearing that, I want you to move on from this and of course all the horrific stories you have been through, you are more stronger than what you look to others, take your time, have a short trip to wherever you truly whant to go, say positive about yourself.. I know how hard it is sometimes because at the moment I am writing this I am stuck in a very hard period of my life.. but make sure you tried your best, wish you all the good days possible.

Dear Ojay,

I only came across your post this morning although your original message was posted one month ago.

I don't know if you managed to get your PIP sorted out? My son has Crohns Disease and was told he was not eligible for PIP. The forms are very lengthy (he had to have help with this) and after submitting the form he had to go for a "one to one" interview with an Assessor (which took just over an hour). He was then sent a letter about 8 weeks later to say he was not eligible. They say he is able to get out and about by himself, can tie his own shoelaces and can feed and bathe himself without any assistance. That was the reasons they gave for not paying him PIP as this is the type of thing it is based on. PIP is NOT a benefit...

I hope you are in a better frame of mind today??

A very good friend of mine was diagnosed as having bi-polar 5 years ago this April. She became really down and no-one could reach her she had sunk that low. Eventually, she hanged herself, leaving a six year old daughter, husband, mum and dad, 3 big brothers and a whole heap of friends who loved her. She WAS the "life and soul of the party" and you would never have known by looking at her that she would even consider doing this to herself. (Which, I suppose, means you should never judge a book by its cover. You never know how others are suffering just because they LOOK as though they have got it together!)

There is not a day goes by when I dont think of her or of how she would have been had she still been here today. She will never know the devastation she caused by doing what she did. I only hope she IS in a better place. I have heard it say that "suicide is a short-term fix to a long-term problem"...There is NOTHING that cannot be fixed.

I wish we (my friends and everyone who knew my friend) had spoken more to my friend and I wish she had listened and TRIED a bit harder, but she obviously just didn't want to be here and didn't want to be helped....

I know your post was written a while ago. I pray that you are OK today.

Would you like to chat today? I will be here all day. (My son is waiting for a parcel to be delivered and it will be coming anytime between 8am and 8pm - so thats my day's plans up in the air!!..LOL!!).

Even just post a wee message, anything just to say you are alright and how you are getting on??

Hopefully, look forward to hearing from you soon!!

Sending you loadz of love and hugs!!


Im praying for u

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