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Another long holiday weekend

Guess I'm just feeling sorry for myself. About 28 years ago I got a divorce and my kids were small, since I "got sick with mental illness" my ex got the kids. I have trouble even now because I HATE being alone on the holidays! I got surgery last Wednesday for something that needed to be done. Thought it would be a "perfect" time to do it. I really didn't think the loneliness would get to me as much as it has! Guess I just needed to vent...

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Hey krazy-girl, sorry to hear that you are feeling down. The holiday seem to have a positive and negative affect on people. I always felt it was a stressful time. Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to compound stress since they are so close together. It sounds like your kids are grown now. What do they do on the holidays? Have you invited them over to spend time?


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