thank you baba thelma

It's so amazing and i am glad. My mouth is full of testimonies and it is just like a dream but so real and all thanks to Baba thelma for the wonders he has done and i will continue to share this testimony for the world at large. I am here to share this good news to the entire world on how I got my ex husband back. I was going crazy when my husband left me and my three kids for another woman and i complained to my colleague in my place of work and she told me her experience too and how she over came with the help of Baba thelma the great spell caster that has helped and he is still helping so many people all over the world and she gave me his email address and i contacted him and narrated all my problems to Baba thelma about how my Husband left me with my three kids and also how i needed to get a good job in a very big company. He only said to me that i have come to the right place where i will be getting my heart desires without any side effect and without any delay. He told me what i need to do and after i have done it, in just 48 hours, my Ex Husband called me on the phone and was apologizing for leaving me and the kids to suffer. I was also called for the interview in a very big company here in Atlanta where i needed to work. I am so happy and overwhelmed that i have to tell this to the entire world to contact Baba thelma on his email on if you have the same or similar problem to this one please contact him now so that he can help you because he is good and nice. thank you once again Baba thelma.

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  • What a minute what a minute "Baba Thelma" is a dude!????...Thelma?....A man???....Ok fair enough...

    Just one other thing; why ask for a cheating ex husband back from Baba? Why not ask for a younger fitter single man with money to come into you life & sweep you off your feet? Just seems a little narrow minded to me. If ya gonna sell ya soul to the devil 1) make sure you get a lot more than what you had before and 2) make sure he has a more masculine sounding name because I'm sure once ya soul has been collected & your working for eternity breaking rocks in hell (or whatever you'll be doing) all the others will be laughing at you for the selling yours to "Babe Thelma"....I mean Baba Thelma....

    p.s. yeah I know this is spam but a little light hearted p*ss take can be funny & fun for me to type

  • :)

  • Can Baba Thelma come and do my cleaning please?

  • If ya gonna ask for that I suggest asking he does it every week. And also ask he does the whole neighbourhood as well but only once you've set up your own cleaning business & then you can pimp him out & make money of his ass haha

  • Lucy, James,

    I think baba Thelma operates on a higher plain, at a more spiritual level and doubt he is going to get his hands dirty cleaning your house. Where would he find the time? But if he does have time, I wouldn't mind someone to cook.

  • I'm not too sure he's that spiritual. What kind of spirit can only be contacted by email? lol

  • A modern one. I think you'll find even the pope is on Facebook. Lol

  • Love it. I need someone to do my housework too! :) xx

  • I think I know what I'm gonna ask for. A really high profile, high salaried job...and then for Baba to work it for me & bring me my wages :)

  • Ok at least this made me smile for like 1.5 minutes.

    But I won't need baba - I have a genie in a bottle here at home which fulfils all my dreams. A bit old fashioned I know.

  • Good that was the purpose, to make us smile at least for a moment :)

  • it's sure done that, thank you everyone :-)

  • what rubbish

  • :-O

    How dare you sir! I emailed Babe Thelma a dozen times since this post was put up & you know what happened, what Thelma taught me??? Well technically speaking nothing happened but I have learned the lesson of self reliance. Even by doing nothing the great one has taught me a valuable lesson

    Course it's rubbish, which is why we have been a little silly & took the p**s :)

    If ya cant have a laugh at a stupid person or post's expense then what can ya laugh at?

  • That's very true. I'm glad no-one here in our vulnerable community is taking this seriously and parting with their hard earned cash for some hoodoo witch doctor. Glad we found something we can all laugh at